WGXC-90.7 FM

WGXC 10th Anniversary Drive-in Event

May 26, 2021: 7:30 pm- 11pm
Greenville Drive-In

10700 Route 32 | Greenville, New York 12083 | 518.966.2177




Let's celebrate WGXC's 10th Anniversary together at the Greenville Drive-in! We're planning this event to scale as needed in terms of where we are with physical gathering. Either way, we think it will be an epic exploration of the number 10! Wear your most festive attire and bring your favorite radio for the LoveShack photo and recording booth. Most importantly come ready to celebrate.


  • 7:30 p.m.: Arrival
  • 7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.: Get your portrait taken by Bryan Zimmerman, record Station IDs and sweet nothings at the LoveShack with your concierges Donna and Honey of the Donna and Honey's Love Motel.
  • 7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Get Your Concessions! (Cocktails at the bar, Snack Bar goodies available.)
  • 9:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.: Program
  • NOTE: All performances and DJ sets will be projected onto the Drive-in screen and transmitted to your car radio. All are 10 minute sets. Entire program runs 110 minutes. Here's the line-up! (Order subject to change.):

    Film: Powers of Ten (1977), Charles and Ray Eames
    Film: 103 Hudson River Crossings (2021), Heath Iverson. (Movies on the Radio) [Radio note: Title is pronounced "Ten to the third Hudson River crossings"]
    DJ Set: LunarMoss (formerly of LunarMoss), a micro-meditation on time's most agreeable measurement: the decade; conveyed thru sound as catalyst and contingent summation of collective memory.
    Performance: Jess Speer, Jess Speer will perform live with 10 sound sources, all celebrating WGXC, Wave Farm, and radio, with a special community-brewed Radio Witch full moon spell for the continued success of WGXC.
    DJ Set: Jeff Economy (Snackpoint Charlie) and Alanna Medlock (There There), 10 Movements through Undiscovered Countries
    Performance: Jen Kutler (Wave Farmacy) and Quintan Ana Wikswo, a work of 10 texts, 10 videos, and 10 variated sensor response.
    DJ Set: Mayuko Fujino (Your Voice Touches My String), 10 tracks of single-stringed instruments, one string at a time
    Performance: Anna Friz, 10-band Radio: Variations with one- and two- way radio, from deep inside the dial. Are there (still) little people who live inside your radio?
    DJ Set: DJ Var (Friday Night Vibes Session), 10 years of happiness
    Performance: Stephin Merritt (of the Magnetic Fields), 10 songs in 10 minutes
    DJ Set: Battlefield Earth (Battlefield Earth) adds exponential sources until a deka is reached.
    Performance: Brian Dewan, WGXC filmstrip (2014/2021)

    Throughout the night, get your portrait taken by Bryan Zimmerman, record Station IDs and sweet nothings at the LoveShack with your concierges Donna and Honey of the Donna and Honey's Love Motel: A radio romance and rock and roll show.

    About the Performances

    Southern Comfort: Ten Shots, Jen Kutler and Quintan Ana Wikswo

    Southern Comfort: Ten Shots is a live audio-visual performance premiere based on the collaborative radio sound piece by Jen Kutler and Quintan Ana Wikswo. Revisioning the 1980s underground culture of alt-video and liminal queerness in the Mexican borderlands, this work forms a survivalist collision of analogue and digital, AIDS and Covid, and the shadowlands of bio-emotive, empathic response to speaking the unspoken, Southern Comfort modifies cultural detritus of power, gender, race, queerness, and intimacy to yield a ferocity of possibility in the junkyards of America.

    Wikswo’s texts, videos, and voice performance Southern Comfort (supported by Creative Capital, Yaddo, and published in Gulf Coast) invokes her own rich, evolving and intergenerational legacy of obscured drag, ballroom, trans-, mixed-race, and queer US/Mexico border experience in its complexity of solidarity and joy in the onslaught of bigotry, violence, hate crimes, and vigilante death squads. Kutler’s hand-engineered biological sensor devices are worn on her body and document into custom sonification software her physiological responses to the spoken narrative, generating sounds and synthetic voices that draw from granular synthesis, sine waves, cassette tape loops and stringed instruments. The physiological sensor data also manipulates Wikswo’s archival video content through an RGB color 'wobbulator' (the first of its kind) which is derived from Nam Jun Paik's black and white Raster Manipulation Unit from the 1960s. This will be the first public performance with this device, consisting of a vintage RGB projector with nine additional deflection coils which collectively handle over 1,000 watts of audio range signal translating it to raster manipulations of individual colors

    In celebration of WGXC's ten year history, Southern Comfort is a work of ten texts, ten videos, and ten variated sensor response, with ten shots of Southern Comfort poured out in recognition of the lives of queer BIPOC killed by a nation’s psychopathic predation of its artistic and cultural visionaries. These “shots” also honor Wave Farm’s legendary heritage within the vanguard of broadcasting, amplifying, activating, and advocating for what we absolutely must continue to hear within ourselves and our communities: the transmissions of self-expression that bring the fringe to focus.

    Thank you to our 10th Anniversary Year Sponsors!