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Your Voice Touches My String: Music performed solo with one string instrument and/or voice.

Hosted by Mayuko Fujino.
Your Voice Touches My String Show Image

Your Voice Touches My String Show Image. Courtesy Mayuko Fujino. (Jan 29, 2021)

Your Voice Touches My String aired on WGXC from January 2021 to May 2023.

Your Voice Touches My String explores the beauty of solitude and strength that comes from quietly sitting down with oneself. The show focuses on music performed by one person playing one string instrument and/or voice: from traditional music such as Joik in Scandinavia, Sasandu in Indonesia, and Tsugaru Shamisen in Japan, to contemporary experimental voice performances. I want personal, individual, quiet voices to be heard on this show rather than collective and loud ones. In the darkest nights of life in which you stand all on your own are times to exercise introspection, which would help you flourish when the morning comes. I hope to deliver music that would be there for people in such times. https://yvtms.tumblr.com/