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Rancho Thatchmo: Playing the Soundtrack to Your Life

Hosted by Thatcher Keats.
1st Sunday of the month from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Thatcher Keats

Thatcher Keats. Photo from Thatcher Keats. (Jan 21, 2016)

Rancho Thatchmo The Break Up Show Playlist

Rancho Thatchmo The Break Up Show Playlist. Created by Thatcher Keats. (Jan 03, 2016)

The "Rancho Thatchmo" crack team of highly trained professional DJs Bergeron Algernon, Spade Cooley, Beauregard Hotchkiss, Richard Cranium, Sam Pond, Broderik Scoggins, Joey Matingo, Langston Zane, Archibald Testaclese, Bo Udall, Oleg Butress, Braun Stone, Charles Whitman, Bud Casanova, Bucky Azo, and Eliezer Itzkovitz play the greatest melodies of all time as well as dishing out a full menu of soapbox preaching, political analysis, jailhouse lawyering, personal diatribes against the riduculatti, an international kiss and tell, a what’s what & who’s who & where’s there, useless pedantic instructionals, misguided righteous indignation, secrets of the Illuminati, the mysteries of the Orient, how to make $1000 a week from home, how to lose weight in your sleep, and how to score with the opposite sex guaranteed every time, and a cherry picking of the MP3 blogosphere all mixed with local field recordings; giving you an exquisitely tailored soundtrack to your life. Broadcasts live from WGXC Hudson studio.

Thatcher Keats is a recreational sound enthusiast and a visualist by trade. He first came to Columbia County in 1993.

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