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Your financial support allows WGXC to meet the most basic operating costs, and keeps WGXC on your FM dial. WGXC is a program division of the 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization Wave Farm, and your contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

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WGXC is now able to accept donations of stock.

With a charitable gift of appreciated shares held long-term, the donation you make and the deduction you get are greater than they would be if you were to instead sell the shares and donate the cash proceeds. This is because when you donate shares, you avoid paying the capital gains tax. For more information about making this type of donation to Wave Farm’s WGXC, please contact Galen Joseph-Hunter galen [at] wavefarm.org or (518) 622-2598.

Donated Goods / Equipment

WGXC gratefully accepts donated goods and equipment that is of use for the station. Contact info@wgxc.org or (518) 697-7400 for more information. WGXC is currently in need of:

  • Donated Records and CDs to be resold at the WGXC Record & Media Fair
  • Computers: Macintosh Preferred - 2012 or newer for Macintosh
  • Computers: Windows - Quad core or greater

Financial support through donations, underwriting, and merchandise sales, allows Wave Farm to meet the most basic WGXC operating costs, and keeps creative community radio on your FM dial!

WGXC Sustaining Supporters

WGXC is made possible, in-part, by the generous ongoing support of the individuals and businesses below. WGXC Sustaining Supporters are among the station's most dedicated listeners. They care deeply about creative community radio, and their investment helps to sustain WGXC as a public platform for information, experimentation, and engagement. You too can become a sustaining supporter by designating an amount of your choosing at wgxc.org/donate. Thank you for your support.

WGXC Business Sustaining Supporters

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus (Hudson, NY), Bridge Street Theatre (Catskill, NY), Christian Hayes (Philadelphia, PA), Dan & Mary Udell (Craryville, NY), Dan Devine & Lawre Stone (Ghent, NY), Elizabeth Powell Leather Items (Craryville, NY), FET Press (Hudson, NY), Food New York (New York, NY), Fridman Gallery (Beacon, NY and New York, NY), Hawthorne Valley (Ghent, NY), Marcus DeGrazia Acupuncture (Austerlitz, NY), Oak Pizzeria Napoletana (Hudson, NY), Ruby's Hotel/Restaurant (Freehold, NY), Step Lively Video (New York, NY), The Rodney Shop (Leeds, NY), Tunstull Studio Publishing (Craryville, NY) Victorian Era Valentines (Shafer, MN), Anonymous (Athens, NY), and Anonymous (Harrisburg, PA).

WGXC Individual Sustaining Supporters

A.L. Steiner & Rachel Berks (Cornwallville, NY), Adam Weinert (Hudson, NY), Aigars Kildiss & Luisa Sabin-Kildiss (Hudson, NY), Al Margolis (Chester, NY), Alanna Medlock (Kingston, NY), Alex Benson (Tivoli, NY), Amanda Lees (Freehold, NY), Andrew (Chatham, NY), Andrew Barwick (Brooklyn, NY), Ann Cooper (Catskill, NY), Anna Friz (Santa Cruz, CA), Anna Kovel (Brooklyn, NY), Anya from Rock n Roll High School (Hudson, NY), Arthur and Caren (Hoover, AL), Asia (Catskill, NY), Becca Van K (Catskill, NY), Bell & Abigail (Hudson, NY), Bella Janssens (Brooklyn, NY), Ben Ezinga (Hudson, NY), Beth R (Acra, NY), Bill Mancini & Bernadette Powis (Kinderhook, NY), Bob Wills Architecture Rhinecliff Brendan Donegan (Hudson, NY), Bryan Zimmerman (Catskill, NY), Cari and Donald Gardner (Athens, NY), Carol Friedman (Hudson, NY), Cathy Stephenson (New York, NY), Charles Hailer (Coxsackie, NY), Chez Masterson (Hudson, NY), Chris Anderson (Germantown, NY), Christian Sweningsen (Stuyvesant, NY), Christianna Abel (Housatonic, MA), Christina Bohnsack (Germantown, NY), Christopher Funkhouser & Amy Hufnagel (Avon, CT), Claire (Acra, NY), Claire (Acra, NY), Cornelius Eady (Acra, NY), Cyndi Miller and Matt Leinung (Albany, NY), Dan Bunny (Hudson, NY), Daniel Steffey (Brooklyn, NY), Danielle Riou (Tivoli, NY), Dave Bolevice (Philmont, NY), Dave Fried (Cornwallville, NY), Dave King and Frank Tartaglione (Philmont, NY), David Goren (Brooklyn, NY), Deven (Catskill, NY), Diane Moore (Copake, NY), Dolores Prescott (Jamaica, NY), Dr. Steven d. Brown (Stuyvesant, NY), Edward Ruchalski (Syracuse, NY), Elaine Shimono (Hudson, NY), Elizabeth Cortell (Lake Balboa, CA), Elizabeth LoGiudice (Hannacroix, NY), Emily Chameides (Hudson, NY), Empress Modupe (Pahoa, HI), Eric Theise (San Francisco, CA), Erik Belgum (Shafer, MN), eteam (South Cairo, NY), Friday Night Racer (Hartsdale, NY), Galen, Tom, and Echo (Acra, NY), Garrett Roche (Hudson, NY), Gary Burns (Catskill, NY), George Spencer (Kinderhook, NY), Guillermo Rickerson (Cairo, NY), Gunnel Reznikoff (Chatham, NY), Heath Iverson (Philmont, NY), Heather Lloyd (Kinderhook, NY), Heidi Neilson (Long Island City, NY), Henry Lowengard (Kingston, NY), J, Johannes, Froebel-Parker (Ravena, NY), Jack Schoonover (Portland, OR), James Gralian (Denver, CO), Jane Scarpellino (New Haven, CT), Javier Barba (Guadalajara), Jeff Economy (Kingston, NY), Jenise (Coxsackie, NY), Jenny Ghetti (Red Hook, NY), Jess Puglisi (Catskill, NY), Jessanna Britton (Hudson, NY), Jim McCabe (Hudson, NY), Jill Salerno (Hudson, NY), Joan E. Hunt (Hudson, NY), Joan Schuman (Watsonville, CA), John and Susan (Hudson, NY), John Mason (Chatham, NY), John Sencabaugh (Catskill, NY), Johnny Sturman (Lexington, NY), Joshua Malle (Seattle, WA), Judd Maltin (Hillsdale, NY), Judy Pfaff (Tivoli, NY), Justin Luke (Brooklyn/Cairo, NY), Karen + Ali (Brooklyn, NY), Karen Werner (Bergen, Norway), Kathryn A Laity (Hudson, NY), Kathy High (Averill Park, NY), Kaya Weidman (Germantown, NY), Kirby Crone (Hudson, NY), Laura (Schodack Landing, NY), Laura (Schodack Landing, NY), Laura Kuhn (Red Hook, NY), Laura Kunreuther (Hudson, NY), Lauren Jones (Hudson, NY), Lea Bertucci (Ridgewood, NY), Lee Jamison (Stuyvesant, NY), Leigh Widjeskog (Stuyvesant, NY), Leigh Widjeskog (Stuyvesant, NY), Lex (Albany, NY), LoVid (East Durham and Setauket, NY), Lynn Sloneker (Hudson, NY), Mark Polach (Climax, NY), Mark Vian (Palenville, NY), Marxist (Ghent, NY), MaryMargaret (St. Augustine, FL), Mathew Tombers (Martha's Vineyard, MA), Matt and Cassidy Bua (Pallenville, NY), Max Hamel (New Haven, CT), Mayuko Fujino (Saugerties, NY), Melissa Auf der Maur & Tony Stone (Hudson, NY), Melissa Dubbin (Brooklyn, NY), Meredith Kooi (Atlanta, GA), Michael Alterman (Cairo, NY), Michael and Lisa Lindsay-Hogg (Claverack, NY), Michael Chameides (Hudson, NY), Michael Gassmann (Arlington, VA), Michael Murray (Cairo, NY), Mike Coyne (Palmetto, FL), Milad H. Mozari (Murray, UT), Miles and Pepper (Hudson, NY), Nancy Barber & Bill Stone (Hudson, NY), Nancy Barber & Bill Stone (Hudson, NY), Neil Verma (Chicago, IL), Neva Wartell (Catskill, NY), Nick & Lysa (Pallenville, NY), Pat and John (Catskill, NY), Pat Linnan (Hillsdale, NY), Paul and Liz (Kinderhook, NY), Peggy Ahwesh (Catskill, NY), Peter Brauch (Tivoli, NY), Peter Frank (Hudson, NY), Peter McPartland (Hudson, NY), Peter Meyer (Hudson, NY), Peter W. Bohn (Gilboa, NY), Philip Grant (Nassau, NY), Phoebe Potter (Stahlstown, PA), Phoenix Grace (Delmar, NY), Ralph Gartner (Valatie, NY), Rhodes Adler (Hudson, NY), Richard Goldstein (Lafayette Hill, PA), Rob Gelles (Hudson, NY), Rob Saffer (Woodstock, NY), Roman Horst (Germantown, NY), Russell Miller (New York, NY), Sabisha Friedberg (Paris, France), Sam Sebren (Athens, NY), Sandra K (Stuyvesant, NY), Sara (Montreal, NY), Scout (Ithaca, NY), Selha Graham (Hudson, NY), Shannon Greer (Hudson, NY), SJ (Great Barrington, MA), Starbuck (Columbiaville, NY), Stephanie Jenkins (Catskill, NY), Stephanie Medlock (La Porte, IN), Stephin Merritt (Hudson, NY), Stuart Summer (Hillsdale, NY), Tambra Dillon (Germantown, NY), Teo Camporeale (Athens, NY), The Brayver Family (Leeds, NY), The Curtin Family (Tivoli, NY), Timothy Simonds (New York, NY), Timothy Simonds (New York, NY), Wendy Schmalz (Hudson, NY), Willa K (West Shokan, NY), Anonymous Anonymous (Abu Dhabi, UAE), Anonymous (Athens, NY), Anonymous (Averill Park, NY), Anonymous (Brentwood, MD), Anonymous (Brentwood, MD), Anonymous (Brooklyn, NY), Anonymous (Brooklyn, NY), Anonymous (Brooklyn, NY), Anonymous (Catskill, NY), Anonymous (Catskill, NY), Anonymous (Catskill, NY), Anonymous (Catskill, NY), Anonymous (Catskill, NY), Anonymous (Catskill, NY), Anonymous (Chatham, NY), Anonymous (Cornucopia, WI), Anonymous (Craryville, NY), Anonymous (Craryville, NY), Anonymous (Durham, NY), Anonymous (Freehold, NY), Anonymous (Fullerton, CA), Anonymous (Ghent, NY), Anonymous (Ghent, NY), Anonymous (Harrisburg, PA), Anonymous (Housatonic, MA), Anonymous (Hudson, NY), Anonymous (Hudson, NY), Anonymous (Hudson, NY), Anonymous (Hudson, NY), Anonymous (Hudson, NY), Anonymous (Hudson, NY), Anonymous (Hudson, NY), Anonymous (Hudson, NY), Anonymous (Jersey City, NJ), Anonymous (Kingston, NY), Anonymous (La Porte, IN), Anonymous (Leeds, NY), Anonymous (Locust Valley, NY), Anonymous (New Paltz, NY), Anonymous (New Paltz, NY), Anonymous (New Paltz, NY), Anonymous (New York, NY), Anonymous (New York, NY), Anonymous (New York, NY), Anonymous (New York, NY), Anonymous (New York, NY), Anonymous (Niverville, NY), Anonymous (Portland, ME), Anonymous (Red Hook, NY), Anonymous (Round Top, NY), Anonymous (San Francisco, CA), Anonymous (Saugerties, NY), Anonymous (Spencertown, NY), Anonymous (Stuyvesant, NY), Anonymous (Stuyvesant, NY), Anonymous (Stuyvesant, NY), Anonymous (Tivoli, NY), Anonymous (Tivoli, NY), Anonymous (Westerlo, NY), and Anonymous (Yardley, PA).