Past Resident Guestbook

Wave Farm - Quotes

Wave Farm is a sound art haven. This residency allowed me to do a deep dive into my practice in a way that I really needed. I would walk the grounds every morning and listen to the sounds of the land which in turn helped me listen to the sounds in my head. I felt like I could have a much longer conversation with my own work in this peaceful setting - away from the distractions of the city and my own life - and finally hear what I was doing and where I wanted to take it. -sTo

There is no doubt in my mind that my Wave Farm residency helped me cement my passion to pursue radio art. I left the experience with a richer knowledge and was able to work with the staff to interrogate the institutional barriers that have historically kept black low income, disabled and lgbtqia people outside of the radio art industry. I feel like I was able to dig into my passion to create work that engaged the environment and community supporting it. I was never censored and this is so powerful and important. In fact I felt quite humbled to contribute to WGXC’s well curated and thoughtful community programming and archive. I believe Wave Farm is everything they publicly express themselves to be because it was demonstrated. I hope I get to continue to working with Wave Farm to provide community and educational programming. I’m just so excited to forms a relationship with an organization that is showing commitment to expanding and strengthening the bonds of community through radio art. -Temar

Wave Farm is a world-wide unique center for transmission art. Even though I spent 10 days working hard there, I left more energized and inspired then when I entered! -August

Wave Farm is a pioneering radiophonic wonderland nestled in the scenic Catskill mountains that provides ample space for artists to explore the myriad potentialities of the airwaves and beyond. -Kamikaze

Over and over, the excellence of the Wave Farm library comes back to me as the most transformative part of my residency. I remember sitting in the back room, late one night, early in the week. Rain had passed and moths flew towards the glow of the lamp; bare filaments blazed. I scoured the shelves for relevant works to the project. More importantly, I grabbed whatever struck my interest and thanks to the diversity of topics collected by Wave Farm, some of those random grabs were able to elevate the final production, giving me ideas that i hadn't yet had the chance to conceptualize. I will forever be grateful to Wave Farm for the cultivation of texts and the opportunity to dive into learning more about the depth of transmission arts. -Khonsu

If you are in search of place which truly supports the arts and the artist, and provides for them a space to actualize and broadcast their dreams, Wave Farm is that place. -Ricardo

Wave Farm is a truly special place. It gave me the opportunity to realize a project I didn't have time to work on within the boundaries of my normal practice. -Mollye

Wave Farm is globally unique in its dedication to and facilitation of transmission arts. Living and working there, even for a short time, is an amazing opportunity to become immersed in a space where examples of transmission arts reveal themselves at every turn, and all whilst simultaneously receiving the support to work on ones own practice. - Kate

Just a quick follow up to say one more thanks. I had placed it differently in my brain, but actually, last night was the 5 year anniversary of the passing of my uncle. Serendipitous, timely and even more meaningful for the broadcast. Your space in Acra is incredible! - Milad

Such a gift to have been able to spend the past week here! The peace and quiet and inspiration that abound here really allowed for deep thinking and productivity. I”m so impressed by what you’ve set up here: site-specific transmission art in a beautiful setting. Not to mention the value you place on offering artists the space and time for their practice. It’s been great to get a bit of an inside into how the station runs and to see what’s possible for Radio! Thanks so much for your warmth, generosity and all the energy you put into this fantastic project! Hope to see you all again either here or in Berlin! - Kate

Before I packed up I did one final loop through the woods and was tearing up. You have built on fo the most amazing spaces I’ve ever been to and I’m in love with the vibe here. Thank you one million times over for having me out here. It was an amazing time for me both artistically and emotionally. I am truly honored that y’all invited me out of here. It’s a time that I’ll surely treasure for the rest of my life. Also want to thank you for being such amazing hosts. I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know you. Please don’t be a stranger. Let’s talk soon, - Doug

Thank you so much for your generosity, hospitality, and kindness! This is such a wonderful space to create work and you manage it with such a perfect blend of professionalism and relaxed freedom — that is a rare balance to hit! It is so comfortable and inspiring here. My time here allowed me to really focus and bring this project into the light and on the air! Thank you so much! Hope to see you again soon, and best wishes with the rest of the summer and the rest of the year too!) - Amanda

Galen, Tom, Dash, Ivy, Echo (And the frogs, the insects, the lightning bugs, and Mars rising about the study center as it turns towards opposition), Thank yo so much for giving me the opportunity to spend time here. I’m going to miss the generosity, the view from the desk in the studio, drone flights over the field, living in a radio station, Weather Warlock, walks through the grounds, swarms of signing bugs at dusk, and the ability to be in a place where radio and transmission arts are valued, supported, and championed. This is a truly special and amazing place. I can’t wait until I have a chance to come back. Until then, this is KC1EKK, clear. - Adriana

Dear Wave Farm, Not to exaggerate, but this was a supremely beautiful, inspiring place. You’ve given me the best support, respecting my need for quiet. Everything was pleasant and easy. You have my warmest regards and respect. The intern are smart young folk and will do great on the documentation. Stay in touch. - Kathy

Greatest Thanks for your hospitality and most of all for giving us the opportunity to create, develop, experiment in such ways. Wave Farm is a shrine and I’m devoted to it!

Hard to express in words how much this residency has meant to me. It came at the perfect time and inspired me in so many ways. My brain is still racing. Wave Farm is such a beautiful place. Thank you all so much - Aaron p.s. Hope to visit again real soon!

Thank you so much for giving me time and space to think and explore new audio possibilities. I learned alot about radio that I’m sure I’ll keep thinking about… HUGE thanks for the filming help and to Gavin, Will, and Nico. You guys have built something really special here. Massive Inspiration! Wave are in the sea, waves are in the sky, waves are in my arms, as I’m saying “bye bye” - Kat

Thank you so so so much for having me here - I will look back that this experience with a loopy grin on my face for the rest of my life! I spent the whole time drooling over gear and sounds - it was my personal sound heaven! I am so grateful for all of your incredible support and for making my solar sitcom breathe live! This was without a doubt, one of the most wonderful weeks of my entire life… Love, Stefana

I simply can not thank you enough for the wonderful experience and generous hospitality over the past 10 days. HOwevery, this is achance to at least try! Each o you plays a siginicant and unique role in making Wave Farm a truly one of a kind place. IT is a stimulating set of environments that allows for progress, problem solving, and outcomes in art. The multi-faceted array of spaces and opportunities is thoughfully considered and leaves me inspired and excited. I’ll always look back fondly on the time I’ve shared with you and am confident it will not be the last time! Until then, take care and keep doing what you do! - Angus

The time, space, and resources residencies provide is invaluable, but few provide a truly interdisciplinary approach like Wave Farm. During my week there, I accomplished a tremendous amount of work, and refocused my practice after a period of intense production. - Jeff

Wave Farm is unique in combining a genre-defining transmission arts residency program with an eclectic listener-supported radio station serving the local community. This recombinant mix of experimental radio art, music, and public affairs, beaming out of the Hudson River Valley and streaming to the world, floats in an autonomous aural zone of its own, a translocal seance of dazzling originality and combustible creativity. - Tom

Living and working at Wave Farm was inherently inspiring—I found the time, workspace, library, and station to all be valuable resources. - Celia

Wave Farm is providing something for artists such as myself that doesn’t exist anywhere else—an artist residency that focuses on Transmission Arts—with time/space to create, and broadcast their work. This is a unique space for sound and media artists who are focusing on the electromagnetic spectrum as a space for creativity. During my stay, I was able to develop new work which was then performed in other locations in Europe and Canada. Without this much needed time to focus, and create, this work would not have been developed. - Kristen

I had such a wonderful and productive time here. You’ve created such an amazing space for community and communication. - Rory