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LunarMoss: New music, played mostly on vinyl live from Wave Farm's Hudson or Acra studios.

Hosted by Hank Flick.
LunarMoss Image

LunarMoss Image. Courtesy the host. (Apr 23, 2015)

LunarMoss aired on WGXC from April 2011 to November 2016.

The LunarMoss program puts a special focus on new musics based in pop and rock that dare to reach beyond common boundaries. Reaching for the stars, but never without earthly tether. An opportunity to transmit sounds less frequented on mainstream channels, and an attempt to advance a dialogue, with music being the language. I can't think of a better showcase of human evolution than music, and by giving these sounds a forum, a chance to further map the connectedness of our realities both shared, and independent. Though the program does orient itself towards new releases, it will often recognize the influence of the past. Themes of pioneering artists, cross-pollinators, & progressive mutations will tie now to then, and back again.

Hank Flick has been a dj for close to twenty years, and avid music collector for nearly thirty. Under several aliases, he has dj'd in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York City, and has had the honor of spinning alongside artists such as Spooky, Dmitry, Dj Olive, Badawi, Wax Poetic, Vetiver, Arp, Death Vessel, Noveller, Alexander Turnquist, Jeremy Kelly, Avondale Airforce and SummerMummy. He moved to Columbia County in 2008, and has held residencies at (p.m) Wine Bar, and Spotty Dog Books & Ale in Hudson. Flick is very honored and excited in joining WGXC alongside their mission to transmit, where once was silence, and give voice, outside the mainstream.

Hudson-based noise musician and artist."-- LunarMoss.

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