WGXC 10th Anniversary Drive-in Event Audio (SAFE HARBOR ONLY) (Audio)

May 26, 2021
Mastered by Jen Kutler.


  1. Introduction
  2. Film: Powers of Ten (1977), Charles and Ray Eames (09:00 min.)
  3. DJ Set: LunarMoss (formerly of LunarMoss), a micro-meditation on time's most agreeable measurement: the decade; conveyed thru sound as catalyst and contingent summation of collective memory.
  4. Film: 10 (Happy Birthday WGXC!) (2021), Heath Iverson. (Movies on the Radio) (01:00 min.)
  5. Performance: Jess Speer, Jess Speer will perform live with 10 sound sources, all celebrating WGXC, Wave Farm, and radio, with a special community-brewed Radio Witch full moon spell for the continued success of WGXC.
  6. DJ Set: Jeff Economy (Snackpoint Charlie) and Alanna Medlock (There There), 10 Movements through Undiscovered Countries
  7. Performance: Jen Kutler (Wave Farmacy) and Quintan Ana Wikswo, a work of 10 texts, 10 videos, and 10 variated sensor response.
  8. DJ Set: Mayuko Fujino (Your Voice Touches My String), 10 tracks of single-stringed instruments, one string at a time
  9. Performance: Anna Friz10-band Radio: Variations with one- and two- way radio, from deep inside the dial. Are there (still) little people who live inside your radio?
  10. DJ Set: DJ Var (Friday Night Vibes Session), 10 years of happiness
  11. Performance: Stephin Merritt (of the Magnetic Fields), 10 songs in 10 minutes
  12. Ruminations: Rancho Thatchmo
  13. Performance: Brian DewanWGXC filmstrip (2014/2021)