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WGXC is important to me because...

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We asked WGXC’s 105 Volunteer Programmers to finish the sentence “WGXC is important to me, because...”

It has provided both myself and my guests a life-changing opportunity...

when civil society is under assault, as I believe it is now, we need to stand up and support free speech, or we lose it forever. Each of us can do one thing to participate, to protect one another's constitutional rights, and we do that with this precious community resource. Without it, we might as well duct-tape all our heads.

it gives a albeit small voice, but a voice no less to conservatives in the area

it makes room for so many different voices.

...it gives the creative demon inside of me a place to come out and play. Plus it's safer than driving.

No one else is doing what WGXC does. Nowhere else can you find this particular magical mix of civic mindedness, killer music curation, news, sound art, community conversation, artistic experimentation and loving chaos. Long live WGXC!

I can be connected to people in the community in a way that gives back.

WGXC brought me into the fold; WGXC gave me the tools to carve a listening tree; WGXC freed my mind and my ass followed.

Local community organization outside of social media is important for society.

I am able to use my voice to spread positivity. Because I am able to spread new music. Because I am able to use WGXC radio as a creative outlet.

it expresses diversity.

the content of our radio broadcast and the audience is rare. WGXC provides public open air space for sonic arts, experimental music, and ideas not crowded out by the noise of commercial radio, news, and music.

it allows us to share music and information that commercial stations would usually ignore. It gives everyone willing to speak up a voice in the community and strives to reach as many people as possible, regardless of their connection to broadband.

I can hear many alternatives to traditional radio. I can hear experimental radio.

local communications mean more than the narratives handed down from on high by mass media.

...it allows me to showcase music and artists that rarely get attention

it brings people together

in an era of distrust in mainstream media, community journalism and programs can help people communicate again. the voices wgxc supports on air may never have an audience otherwise, and radio continues to be a radically accessible medium in an (expensive) tech-saturated world.

of its unique and varied programming--nothing else anything like it anywhere around here!

radio is the original social media

it gives me an outlet to express myself.

It provides a platform for neighbors to actually communicate on many levels unconstricted by corporate pressures.. As a volunteer group we could never have been able to afford this opportunity from a commercial channel.

It makes space and time for acts of creation, connection, and wonder. It insists I open myself to the possible.

I have met many extraordinary people who have shared their lives and passions with our community audience. Importantly this has increased the sense of community in our broadcast area.

I believe in local radio - radio as a reflection of a community and it's varied tastes. The intimacy of the medium is its great strength. WGXC provides a platform for an exploration of who we are via talk, music, opinion, radio theater and art.

It provides a platform for people to express their music, thoughts, and brings in the community. WGXC has played a big role for Hudson NY and continues to strive to get people interested in local radio.

It serves such a unique and critical role in our community landscape.

It Allows me to provide a Platform to those who want to be Heard.

...it changed the way I think about radio and showed me new ways to get involved in my community.

It is a unique listening experience. WGXC gives me the opportunity to share my voice.

It provides a platform for our artists to experiment with their work, to widen their listening audiences, and to be included in the legacy of Wave Farm’s Transmission Arts Archive.

it provides me with a platform to share the humble pirate radio show I do from my bedroom studio with people from all over the world.

it is a home for the strange noises of the world.

it provides a space for freedom of expression, a space for education, and a possibility for transparency in local government that our area otherwise does not have. It is a wild frontier for creativity and collaboration in every form. It is a vital local resource for all communities.

It is the only true voice in the county.

It’s a source of information for the community and It supports diversity.

It manages to strike that rare balance between being a local station embedded in the community that has relevance to people who live within the broadcast range whilst also consistently delivering some of the boldest and most adventurous programming in the field of radio art to an international audience.

It permits and incubates experimentation — which is in peril in general! — on the airwaves, and it nourishes a community of listeners of resonant frequencies!

In an era of bland and branded corporate infotainment, community radio is still the best method of helping people tell the stories of where they live. Also, it helps keep me from wandering aimlessly into cornfields or snowdrifts.

It allows me to explore and grow as an artist-researcher—it is an incubator, a sanctuary. WGXC is a great example of what can happen when people ("the grassroots") come together together and create together.

It gives a voice to creative people in our community and keeps me informed about local news and happenings.

My show doesn't fit in neatly to any category, but here, it can be itself.

There is no algorithm.

It has respected and supported youth voices on the radio from the very beginning!

It promotes and enables use of the public airwaves by people who would not otherwise have the opportunity to do so, which is really cool.

I don't know of another radio station which is as diverse, not only in its' programming but also in its' programmers.

This is a station that prioritizes the voices of its community, not pundits, not preachers. This is a station where you can say what you need to say, and have it be heard, have it make an impact. This is a station where diverse voices are not squashed and divergent ideas may flourish. WGXC is important to me because I've loved radio since I was a child, and this station makes dreams possible on a larger scale.

Everyday they show us how adventurous radio brings people together.

The radio programming and arts activity on WGXC can not be found anywhere else in the world.

It is not only radio for open ears, it is open radio. WGXC opens doors for people to learn and do radio programming. WGXC is unapologetically uniquely open radio.

I'm not afraid of being censored. It's been 43 years since I did my first broadcast. They say it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks but I've learned a lot at WGXC and grown. Thank you radio station WGXC, you keep me out of trouble every Sunday night.

It provides opportunities to hear what is happening locally as well as for local people to have a voice in their community

I'm treated like I'm important to them.

It is a shining example of free, independent, non-corporate media which serves ALL people.

We need to keep it local....and we do.

It has been an aesthetic, aural, and intellectual gift to me and an enormous gift to our community.

I love FM broadcasting and independent, experimental radio.

it is routinely pushing the centripetal out and pulling the centrifugal in.

I appreciate, deeply, the dedication to both essential local engagement and constant exposure to innovative experimentalism. WGXC informs and dignifies the individual as well the array of local communities and the interrelationships among them. The station is also integral to international conversations on creative use of the radio as well as the importance of the medium.

It's an independent voice in today's media where other mainstream stations are often one-sided.

Being able to bring independent voices and alternative perspectives to the airwaves is a gift to both our listeners and programmers.

Community radio is a community’s lifeblood.

It makes experimental music and sound art accessible for everyone.

It asked the question "who cares" and answered it by predicting th future..a further exploration of art.sound and the rustling of electric fluid ghosts ramping up th coils..its important to me because existence is measured in th steamy windows of risk eels battering their bodies into glass walls..shattering through and electrifying minds for eternity.

It provides a platform to expose a tight knit, open-minded community to new sounds and ideas.

It enriches the experience of living here.

It changed my life for the better.