Latitude/Longitude is a Brooklyn-based experimental music group that began as a duo, Michael Garofalo and Patrick McCarthy, in 2004. They became a trio in 2007, adding percussionist Jason Labbe. Their music resists description; their approach, however, does not. Pieces begin primarily as live improvisations that, when recorded, may be subsequently layered, augmented, contorted, cut down, reconstructed, or juxtaposed with seemingly unsuitable territories--all in the interest of exploring rhythmic, melodic, and textural possibility.

Latitude/Longitude continue to work with diverse sonic materials: test oscillators, homemade cassette tape and field recordings, radio transmissions (FM/AM/SW/CB), toy electronics (broken and functional), and percussive junk, as well as more traditional instruments, such as pedal steel guitar, banjo, mbira, drums, cymbals, and voice.

Latitude/Longitude is currently at work on a new full-length recording.


* Latitude/Longitude (self-titled) (Early Theives, 2005)
* Solar Filters/Mother Evening 7" (free103point9 Audio Dispatch Series)
* Radio Action III compilation: "Party Cove" (Collaboration with The Dust Dive) (free103point9, 2008)
* Two Song Cassette (Tape Collection, 2008)