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Acconci, Vito. Running Tape. Electronic Arts Intermix: 1969.

Acconci, Vito. Ten Packed Minutes. Electronic Arts Intermix: 1977.

Baldwin, Craig. Sonic Outlaws.

Blumberg, Skip. Best Videos by Skip Blumberg. Self-Published: 1975-2003.

Blumberg, Skip. Nam June Paik: Lessons From The Video Master. Experimental Television Center: 2006.

Campfire Sounds. 2007.

Castelnuovo-Hollander, Rina & Elterman, Tamir. MUHI - Generally Temporary. Chicken and Egg Pictures: 2016.

Castro, Raquel. Sound Walkers. Portugal Soundwalkers: 2009.

Dewan, Brian. Focus: The Collected Film Strips of Brian Dewan. Self-Published: 2008.

Dewan, Brian. Pop.

Diaz, Ramona. Motherland (Bayang Ina Mo). Chicken and Egg Productions

Disinformation vs. Strange Attractor. Archive DVD.

Dixon, David. Unloosened and Root / David Dixon is dead. free103point9: 2012.

DIY micropower radio workshop - 91.3 FM Radio Mutiny WPPR. Paper Tiger Television: 1998.

documenta 1-9, CIS City Information System GmbH: 1997.

Dubbin, Melissa & Davidson, Aaron S. LMCC Open Studio Small Works Show

Dubbin, Melissa & Davidson, Aaron S. Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima (1941-45), Gulf of Tonkin to the Fall of Saigon (1964-1975), Arab-Israeli Conflicts (1948-1973). Courtesy of the artists: 2004-2006.

Goetze, Volker. Griot. Weitblick Media LLC: 2014.

Goss, Jacqueline. The OBSERVERS. Observatory Film: 2011.

Graydon, Andy. Fig.1 (these things we know). Honolulu Museum of Art: 2015.

Groschup, Sabine. (JC{639}). chance operations. 2006.

Hesselmeier, Martin & Lingnuau, Karin. SARoskop. Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln: 2007.

Hocking, Ralph. Work 1969 to 1986. Institute for Electronic Arts: 2004.

i: Argentina, Indymedia, and the Questions of Communication: 2006.

Jacobs, Ken, RAZZLE DAZZLE The Lost World. Self-Published: 2006-2007.

Jacobs, Ken. ANAGLYPH TOM Tom With Puffy Cheeks. Self-Published: 2008.

Jacobs, Ken. RETURN TO THE SCENE OF THE CRIME. Self-Published: 2008.

Japanther. Dump The Body In Rikki Lake. Menlo Park: 2006.

Joseph-Hunter, Galen & Rodunda, Lukasz. The Workshop of the Film Form (1970-1977): Early Film Work From Poland. Electronic Arts Intermix.

Kleine, Andrea. Claude.

Lahey, Michael. Making Waves. Jump Cut Films: 2004.

latitude/longitude. New + Used: free103point9 9th Anniversary Show. Self-Published: 2006.

Lee, Sara. Modulations: Cinema for the ear. Caipirinha Productions: 1998.

Lovelace, Paul & Wolfson, Jessica. Radio Unnameable. Lost Footage Films: 2012.

LoVid. CollectivEye dvd #3. CollectivEye: 2005.

Martin, Darrin. selected artworks by Darrin Martin. Self-Published.

Medal, Kevin. Citadel series I v2. Self-Published: 2009

Merce Cunningham Dance Company. Park Avenue Armory Event. Cunningham Dance Foundation: 2012.

Milutis, Joe. The Idea of South. Self-Published. 2006.

Mørch Finborud, Lars. I Want the Beatles to Play at My Art Center!: Video from the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter Archives 1968 - 2012. Prisma Records: 2012.

Nauheim, Terry. Propagation Seems Good Here Tonight. 2009.

Nauheim, Terry. Rotating (in Four Movements). 2006.

neuroTransmitter. Radio Film Studies vol. 1.

O'Connor, Andrew. Support material: Clips of Milford Graves

O'Connor, Andrew. Support material: Musical Witness for CBC Radio & Live Mutilation for Deep Wireless 08.

O'Connor, Andrew. Support material: Parking Meter Party & Frequent Mutilations.

Olson, Marisa. Collected Works (2005-2006). Self-Published: 2006.

SAT [9+1] DVD résidences 2001 | 2002. Société des arts technologiques (SAT): 2002.

Schweninger, Duff & Sharp, Pamela Seymour Smith. FSAC: Franklin Street Arts Center, INC. (1975-1978). The Willoughby Sharp Archive: 2010.

Selected SHORTS. Symphony Space & WNYC.

Stearns, Phillip. Apeiron | Peras V & VI. Experimental Television Center: 2009-2010.

Tambellini, Aldo. Cathodic Works 1966-1976. Von: 2012.

Van Den Brink, Jasper & Alter Fin, Yariv. P.A.R.K. 4-D TV CD-ROM: Electrische Cinema - 1

Van Soest, Landon. Good Fortune. Transient Pictures.

Various Artists. 4 Contemporary Sound Poets. IMRC Center: 2016.

Various Artists. ASPECT: The Chronicle of New Media Art - V.19: Communication. ASPECT: 2012.

Various Artists. Experimental Television Center 1969-2009. ETC: 2009.

Various Artists. Fibber McGee And Molly. Radio Spirits, Inc.: 1991.

Various Artists. Living Los Sures. UnionDocs: 2015.

Various Artists. Radio 4x4 at 'Rock's Role (After Ryoanji)'. free103point9: 2004.

Various Artists. Waves / ART + COMMUNICATION. RIXC & MPLab. 2008.

Various Artists. What Democracy Looks Like. Free Speech TV.

Video Tune(In))). Electronic Arts Intermix: 2004.

Videofreex. Videofreex Pirate TV Show (1969-78). Self-Published: 2013.

Zalben, Jonathan. Reel. Self-Published: 2004.