The Dust Dive

Formed in Brooklyn, NY, in 2000, The Dust Dive is an "art-rock" band that regularly employs short-wave and citizen-band radio transmissions, radio-assisted amplification and feedback, and recorded telephone conversations in their musical recordings and performances. Band-members include multi-instrumentalist, composer, and visual artist Laura Ortman (a member of the White Mountain Apache Tribe and also founder of the Coast Orchestra); writer and monologuist Ken Switzer; and interdisciplinary artist and lyricist Bryan Zimmerman. Ortman and Zimmerman met in 1994 at the University of Kansas School of Fine Arts in Lawrence, and studied performance art with Roger Shimomura and installation art with Maria Velasco before graduating in 1996 and moving to Brooklyn, NY. In 1999 Ortman and Zimmerman met Switzer, and The Dust Dive was formed shortly thereafter in the Winter of 2000.

The Dust Dive lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.

LAURA ORTMAN (1973, Whiteriver, Arizona, USA)
KEN SWITZER (1971, Springfield, MA, USA)
BRYAN ZIMMERMAN (1973, Kansas City, Missouri)

"Postcards of Real Worlds" and "Party Cove" from the free103point9’s "Radio Action II" and Radio Action III" compilations (2004 and 2007, respectively)

Full-Length Albums
Asleep or Awake Walk ((free103point9, 2004)
Claws of Light (released by Own Records in 2006)