August Black

August Black is an artist and creative technologist who researches and practices in the overlapping areas of art, science, media, design, and critical theory. His research interests include the politics and production of media formats, the techno-social impact of distribution networks, and the production of electronic space. He works in diverse media such as radio, video/film, installation, and software. He has exhibited internationally at venues such as the Ars Electronica Festival (Linz,Austria), Künstlerhaus (Graz, Austria), the pixelache festival (Helsinki Finland), the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival (Rotterdam, Netherlands), the ICC (Tokyo, Japan), the Transmediale festival (Berlin, Germany), and the Piksel festival (Bergen, Norway). He is an avid contributor to free software projects. His most widely distributed FLOSS project, readanysf~, is part of the official Debian Multimedia collection. He is currently a web engineer for Cycling' 74.