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WGXC Ski Report: Cardboard box races

Mar 15, 2014 12:02 am
A few more inches of snow fell locally this week, and Hunter Mountain claims they've recorded 99" so far this year. Both Greene County resorts are open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. this weekend, and Hunter has 47 trails open, serviced by six lifts, running over 68-132" of snow. Hunter also hosts the 5th Annual Winter Carnival Cardboard Box Derby March 15. Anyone can make their own racers with cardboard, paper, tape, glue, and string (see below for complete rules). Windham Mountain has 52 trails, 48 groomed, running with six lifts open over 24-80" of snow. According to their
website, "a Windham Mountain leprechaun will ski around and give out prizes." Catamount Ski in Hillsdale reports between four and five inches of new snow, with 33 of 34 trails open four of six lifts running over 22"-40" of snow. Click here to hear an audio version of this report. PLAY AUDIO (1:26)

March 15, 2014, Hunter Mountain
Come join us for the 5th Annual Winter Carnival Cardboard Box Derby. Watch as cardboard artists and mechanics turn little more than cardboard, paper, tape, glue, and string into the most creative sculptures that you can think of like dragons, race cars, UFO's, buses, airplanes and other themes. Promote your business with a one-of-a-kind creation!

Test your creativity by constructing a cardboard craft able to swoosh down the ski hill carrying you and your team members. The rules to building your craft are simple: constructed solely of cardboard, sonotube, paper, glue, tape, and string. Sponsors names must be printed somewhere on the craft.


This is not a race! There are no points for speed. A panel of judges will rate each craft for originality, costumes, and construction. Of course you also need to finish with all your team members on board.
Your cardboard vehicle may be simple or complex with up to 4 adult (or 6 under 18 yrs of age) pilots to maneuver down the ski hill. Remember the more creative your craft the better your chances for winning. Group entries are encouraged: local businesses, bars, restaurants, motels, ski shops, coworkers, etc.


Prizes will go to the top team in each category.

1. Best Overall design
2. Best Spirit and Attitude
3. Best Construction/Engineering.

Awards to follow on the front deck or at the Stage in the Main Bar.


1. All participants must have a valid lift ticket or season pass to participate.
2. All participants must wear a manufacturer made helmet, no exceptions!
3. You may participate individually or in teams. Teams can be up to six people per vehicle.
4. Teams must register between 9:00am and 12:00pm inside Colonels Hall.
5. Every participant is required to have signed a release of liability (back of this form).
6. Any minor under the age of 18 must have a parent signature.
7. All cardboard vehicles must be built solely of cardboard, tape, glue, paint, string/twine and paper. Sonotubes or similar concrete forming tubes may be used in building the vehicle frame. No flat industrial pressed cardboard, plastic, metal, wood, or staples will be permitted; your vehicle will be disqualified.
8. Cardboard vehicles must have a front, rear, bottom and two sides.
9. Absolutely no pyrotechnic effects of any kind are permitted.
10. No waxing the bottom of your cardboard vehicle or completely covering it in duct tape. At least 80% of the sliding surface must be uncoated cardboard.
11. Any Hunter Mountain representative at the event who deems a vehicle to be unsafe has the authority to disqualify the team.
12. All vehicles must cross the finish line to qualify for prizes… not necessarily intact, but all participants and most of the vehicle must cross the finish line.
13. Un-sportsmanlike conduct is grounds for disqualification.
14. No strapping into the crafts.
15. Teams must be able to stop their craft.
16. Cardboard Box vehicles can be left at Hunter Mountain and we will recycle them. Please put your derby box or remnants of the box in the bin we will have assembled at the finish of the slope.
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