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Financial support through donations, underwriting, and merchandise sales, allows Wave Farm to meet the most basic WGXC operating costs, and keeps creative community radio on your FM dial! WGXC is a program division of the 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization Wave Farm, and your contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.


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Checks should be made payable to: WGXC
Mail to: PO Box 13, Acra, NY 12405.


WGXC is now able to accept donations of stock.

With a charitable gift of appreciated shares held long-term, the donation you make and the deduction you get are greater than they would be if you were to instead sell the shares and donate the cash proceeds. This is because when you donate shares, you avoid paying the capital gains tax. For more information about making this type of donation to Wave Farm’s WGXC, please contact Galen Joseph-Hunter galen [at] or (518) 622-2598.


WGXC gratefully accepts donated goods and equipment that is of use for the station. Contact or (518) 697-7400 for more information. WGXC is currently in need of:

  • Donated Records and CDs to be resold at the WGXC Record & Media Fair
  • Computers: Macintosh Preferred - 2011 or newer 2.0 GHz or faster CPU (Dual core or more)
  • Computers: Windows - 2012 or newer 2.4GHz or faster CPU (Dual core or more)

    Why underwrite with WGXC? Underwriting is a unique opportunity to reach WGXC’s 78,000 potential listeners on 90.7-FM, and thousands more who regularly visit WGXC’s listeners believe in the importance of local media, and support the local businesses and organizations that support us. Our listeners are engaged and informed consumers. They value and recognize the investment made by local and regional businesses and organizations in support of community media.

    What is underwriting? Underwriting is a specialized and non-commercial form of advertising. These on-air announcements are broadcast at the top of every hour, 24 hours a day. The content and broadcast schedule of these announcements must comply with FCC regulations, and are drafted cooperatively by WGXC and each underwriter.


    10 on-air announcements per week

    WGXC will recognize your support throughout the day and week, during a diverse selection of music programs; cultural and arts programs; local, national and international news programs; and public affairs programs. Plus, your logo will be displayed at for the duration of your sponsorship.


    10 on-air announcements per week

    WGXC will recognize your support throughout the day and week, during a diverse selection of music programs; cultural and arts programs; local, national and international news programs; and public affairs programs. Plus, your logo will be displayed at for the duration of your sponsorship.


    $110 / 10 announcements
    $200 / 20 announcements

    On-air announcements to get word out in the days leading up to your event.


    $300 / three months
    $960 / one year

    Your organization or business logo will be displayed at a highly visible location at, and link directly to your website or Facebook page.

    * Non-profit discounted rates available.

    Click here for WGXC's current Underwriting packages and pricing.

    To become an underwriter or for more information, contact Station Manager Lynn Sloneker lynn [at] or phone (518) 697-7400.



    Wave Farm's WGXC-FM is made possible, in part, by donations from generous individuals and businesses who are Friends of WGXC. We hope you will join us.

    Thank you to our recent Pledge Drive and Monthly Sustaining Supporters:

    Peter Aaron (Kingston), Linda Allen (Portland, OR), Katherine Ayars (Poughkeepsie), Nancy Barber and Bill Stone (New York), Basilica Hudson (Hudson), Katherine Bauer (Hudson), Audrey Berman (Germantown), Bill (Cairo), Bodhi Bridge Music Stone Mountain Sound Motion (New Paltz), Peter Bohn (Gilboa), Christina Bohnsack (Germantown), Dave & Sheri Bolevice (Philmont), Stuart Breslow and Anne Miller (Catskill), Matt Bua (Catskill), Carol (Hudson), Emily Chameides (Hudson), Michael Chameides (Hudson), Mary Chatham (Hudson), Chez Masterson (Columbia County), Claire (Acra), John Cleater (Columbiaville), Daisy (Kingston), Charlie Doheny (Philmont), Don and Ginna (Rhinebeck), Brendan Donegan (Hudson), Stuart Dorris (Hudson), Ellen (Medusa), Maura Ennis (Guilford, CT), Victora Estok (Beacon), eteam (South Cairo), Ben Ezinga (Hudson), F+B Construction (Germantown), First Hudson Mortgage (Hudson), Nassau Supervisor David Fleming , Bryan Fox (New York), Peter Frank (Hudson), Chris Funkhouser (Rhinebeck), Ralph Gartner (Valatie), Rob Gelles (Hudson), Gladys , David Goren (Brooklyn), Phoenix Grace (Delmar), Phoenix Grace (Delmar), Marie + Manny Greco (Catskill), Tyson Hauf (Preston Hollow), Michelle Hughes (Hudson), Tracy Huling and the Prison Public Memory Project (Pontiac, IL), Lee Jamison (Stuyvesant), (Tivoli), JD (Round Top), Jeff at Big Tree Records , Jeff Bailey Gallery (New York), Jess (Catskill), Joseph (Chatham Center), Joseph (Delmar), Juuustuuz , Sara Kendall (Hudson), Pete Kirchoff (South Egremont, MA), Meredith Kooi (Atlanta, GA), Kristen (Hudson), Rose Kue , Pamela Kungle (Hudson), Kelly Kynion (Claverack), Leigh (Stuyvesant), Matthew Leinung (Menands), Lenox Local (Lenox, MA), Lievense Family Foundation (Tupper Lake), Linda and Claudia (Hudson), Elizabeth LoGiudice & Ross Burnell (Greene County), MaryEllen Madison (Philmont), Bill Mancini and Bernadette Powis (Kinderhook), Marc (New York), Margaret (Greenville), Maria (Hudson), John Mason and Susan Davies (Chatham), Valerie McAviney (Leeds), Jim McCabe (New York), Alanna Medlock (Saugerties), Kathy and Dennis Meehan (Cairo), Peter Meyer , Michael (Seattle, WA), Michael and Lisa (Claverack), Lawrence Moss (New York), Justin Nobel (Hudson), Jennifer Nunno , Aidan O'Connor (Greene County), Jan Perlin (Oak Hill), Carolyn and Mark Plakias (Kinderhook), Paul and Katja Rehm (Greenville), Gunnel Reznikoff (Chatham), Amy Rigby (Catskill), Christiana and Kieran Riley (Dutchess County), Rob (Ghent), Marty Rosenbaum (Albany), Ruby's Hotel and Restaurant (Freehold), Rundy (Hudson), Christy Rupp (Saugerties), David Salzberg (Kinderhook), Debra Samuels (Catskill), Richard Sandler (Catskill), Jane Scarpellino (New Haven, CT), Jack Schoonover (Los Angeles, CA), Andy Schwartz (New York), Phyllis Segura (Saugerties), Jack Sencabaugh (Catskill), John Shadley (Cairo), Elaine Shimono (Hudson), Brenda Shufelt (Mellenville), Fernando Silva (Brooklyn), Tom Skarimbas (Cairo), Alan Skerrett (Philmont), Melinda Slover (Hudson), Laura and Stu Summer (Hillsdale), SVB (Hudson), Sylvia (Hudson), Tara Fracalossi and Thomas Lail (Valatie), Mathew Tombers (Claverack), Robert Tomlinson (Catskill), Gaku Tsutaja (Elmhurst), Becca Van K (Freehold), Harry Vincent (Catskill), Michael Waldholz (Hudson), Kaya Weidman (Germantown), Jo-Anne Williams, Butch Young (Sherman Oaks, CA), Anonymous + (Albany), Anonymous (Averill Park), Anonymous (Brentwood, MD), Anonymous + (Brooklyn), Anonymous (Callicoon Center), Anonymous + (Catskill), Anonymous + (Chatham), Anonymous (Cornwallville), Anonymous (Craryville), Anonymous (Durham), Anonymous + (East Chatham), Anonymous + (Ghent), Anonymous (Glendale, CA), Anonymous (Great Barrington, MA), Anonymous (Greenville), Anonymous (Harwich, MA), Anonymous (Hillsdale), Anonymous (Holiday, FL), Anonymous + (Hudson), Anonymous (Hyannis, MA), Anonymous + (Kinderhook), Anonymous + (Lexington), Anonymous (Los Angeles, CA), Anonymous (Menands), Anonymous (Midland Park, NJ), Anonymous (Milan), Anonymous (Millbrook), Anonymous (Mountainville), Anonymous + (New York), Anonymous (Queens), Anonymous (Saugerties), Anonymous + (Stuyvesant), Anonymous + (Tillson), Anonymous (Tivoli), Anonymous + (Westerlo), and Anonymous (Woodstock).

    Andrew Barwick (Brooklyn), Katherine Bauer (Hudson), Alex Benson (Tivoli), Audrey Berman (Germantown), Bridge Street Theatre (Catskill), Elizabeth Cortell (Sherman Oaks, CA), Leigh Cummings (Stuyvesant), Jeffrey Economy (Saugerties), Tara Fracalossi and Thomas Lail (Valatie), Peter Frank (Hudson), Philip Grant (Nassau), Galen Joseph-Hunter (Acra), Dave King and Frank Tartaglione (Philmont), Ula Kulpa, Kathryn A Laity (Hudson), Lenox Local (Lenox, MA), Karen Locker (Kingston), Judd Maltin (Hillsdale), James McCabe (Claverack), Jess Puglisi (Catskill), Gunnel Reznikoff (Chatham), Tom Roe (Acra), Sheena Salvino (Catskill), Wendy Schmalz, Sam Sebren (Athens), Lynn Sloneker (Hudson), Joanna Tipple (Ghent), Mathew Tombers (Martha's Vineyard, MA), Neva Wartell (Catskill), Anonymous (Catskill +), Anonymous (Chatham + ), Anonymous (Chicago, IL), Anonymous (Craryville), Anonymous (Elizaville), Anonymous (Hudson + ), Anonymous (Jersey City, NJ), Anonymous (New York), Anonymous (South Cairo), and Anonymous (Stuyvesant).

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