free103point9 Dispatch Series

Image for "Ringtones" by Jeff Kolar.

Image for "Ringtones" by Jeff Kolar.. (Dec 01, 2012)

free103point9 Dispatch Series Releases take the form of CDs, LPs, CSs, Catalogues, Artists' Multiples, and Downloads, and feature commissioned transmission artworks, recordings from previous free103point9 events, and special artists projects. Click on a title in the list below for detailed information about each Release.

Ringtones Jeff Kolar (AD040)
Tinderbox: v1.01 Brett Ian Balogh (AD039)
Corpse of Discovery with Bryan Zimmerman (AD038)
The Worst Hour of the Year Tom Roe (AD037)
Giant Ear))) webradio: Inside/Out NYC NYSAE (AD036)
Receiver Evidence (AD035)
Radio Action III free103point9 Transmission Artists (AD034)
Free for La Superette 2007 Various artists (AD033)
False Rosetta Radio Ruido (AD032)
Solar Filters/Mother Evening Latitude/Longitude (AD031)
QSL Serial Max Goldfarb (AD030)
Tens of Thousands The Dust Dive Flash (AD029)
Wave Guide (AD028)
Crossed Circuits Various artists (AD027)
Tune(In))) The Kitchen Various artists (AD026)
Radio 4x4 at 'Rock's Role (After Ryoanji)' Gabriel Burian-Mohr + David Galbraith + David Matorin + Andrew Neumann (AD025)
Private Sectors Skyline (AD024)
N.R.A. Recorded Live at OfficeOps Nakatani + Rawlings + Arias (AD023)
Asleep or Awake Walk The Dust Dive (AD022)
New Jack Swing Seth Price (AD021)
Radio Action II Various artists (AD020)
Scape 2 Various artists (AD019)
Interactive Audio Response Kit Matt Mikas (AD018)
Graduation Cline + Corsano + Giffoni (AD017)
Noise Noir 31 Down (AD016)
Seed and surgery Sapat and The SB (AD015)
flipbook Eli Joseph-Hunter (AD014)
Industrial Fist Seth Price (AD013)
Dado Blade Davidson, Dubbin, Onsgard (AD012)
Tune(In))) Various artists (AD011)
Tune (In))) Catalogue Various writers, designers (AD010)
Breakdown Tom Roe and A Forma Foma (AD009)
Radio Action I Various artists (AD008)
The Archivist Various artists (AD007)
Sightings Sightings (AD006)
Of The Bridge Matt Bua + Matt Mikas + Tom Roe (AD005)
From Pieces... various artists (AD004)
Sprung Various artists (AD003)
Constructive Engagement Various artists (AD002)
Audio Dispatch 01 Various artists (AD001)
Early Dialogues Various artists (AD000)

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