Receiver (AD035)

Evidence (Stephan Moore + Scott Smallwood)

Receiver is a CD-length composition in thirteen parts that was collaboratively created in multiple phases. Musical sounds and textures intended for radio broadcast were composed over the course of an artist residency at free103point9 Wave Farm in 2007. Next, a “transmission installation” was created, with this new music broadcast simultaneously on several adjacent FM radio frequencies. Participants used hand-held radios to explore and record the interactions between these broadcasts. Finally, their recordings were used as source material for the music of Receiver.

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1. Cloud Floor
2. Rattler
3. In the hills, glowing.
4. What Changed?
5. Surface Tension
6. Understanding How We Catch Them
7. Threshold
8. Number Crunch
9. Wind Garden
10. Turning
11. An Extraordinarily Brave 8-Year Old
12. Buzz Mother
13. Receiver

The frequency surfings and field recordings used in Receiver were made on September 19, 2007 by Diana Slattery, Vonn New, Mike Bullock, Linda Aubrey, Jules Herr, Kimberly Young, Tianna Kennedy, Tom Roe, Scott Smallwood, and Stephan Moore. More information at