QSL Serial (AD030)

Max Goldfarb

In the QSL serial, a narrative unfolds, spanning a century of the wireless emergency networks of amateur radio. It is a story told through images of disaster and invasion, conveyed by QSL cards; notational documents mailed by post to confirm radio contact. ‘Q’ codes and other design and alphanumeric elements, are the argot of QSL cards, used as the shorthand of radio operators. Cultural fears of an invading outsider are observed through various incidents encountered by the semi-fictional “M49 Emergency Response Unit.” The narrative corresponds this apprehension to the integration of technology into all facets of human existence.

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The work of Max Goldfarb intersects many disciplines. His public works projects enjoining radio transmissions and urban infrastructure reveal the convergence of communications technology with the built environment. His projects address the phenomena that arise as a result of these integrated spatial topographies.