N.R.A. Recorded Live at OfficeOps (AD023)

N.R.A.: Tatsuya Nakatani + Vic Rawlings + Ricardo Arias

A live recording at OfficeOps, Brooklyn, New York, June 26, 2004 as part of free103point9's "Assembled: Free Jazz + Electronics" show. Tatsuya Nakatani on percussion, Vic Rawlings on open-circuit electronics and cello, and Ricardo Arias on bass-balloon kit. Recording includes entire set.

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CD photos by Peter Gannushkin, http://downtownmusic.net.
CD design and layout by Ricardo Arias.

N.R.A. is a multi-national conglomerate comprised of Tatsuya Nakatani (percussion, Japan), Vic Rawlings (open-circuit electronics, amplified prepared cello, U. S. A.), and Ricardo Arias (bass-balloon kit, Colombia). The trio creates a sound world that is simultaneously austere and excessive, static and explosive. Their performance practice is firmly based on a kinetic-physical approach to their respective instruments, yet devoid of the heavy-lifting trappings of physical music. The players have concocted their own distinctive instrument adaptations/inventions, and playing techniques, each bringing markedly contrasting sonic materials to the ensemble. Their compositional approach exploits the intersection of these disparate sounds within the confines of particular times and spaces.