Private Sectors (AD024)


Skyline's third full-length release highlights the group's latest uncategorizable exploration of groove/noise/improv dialectical synergy. A nine-track case against genre specificity featuring J.B. (rhythmscapes), Damian Catera (guitar, electronics), DJZ (turntables) and V.O. (lo-end pulsations). Produced by John Baird and Damian Catera.

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In operation since 1998, Skyline negotiates the order/chaos continuum through the dialectic of groove/rhythm and improvised sonic aggression. They prefer to call this approach, "Noiseotica." Too chaotic for the dance crowd, to groovey for the noise crowd, the group has nonetheless bypassed a rigid system of commodity-driven hipster gate keepers on both sides of the ocean to release three full-length albums including the critically acclaimed Private Sectors (Noiseotica 3). An ever-evolving lineup, which always includes JB and guitarist Damian Catera, Skyline has received tactical support from turntableist DJZ, lo-end mistress VO, guitarist James (honky) Keepnews and now sound fragmentalist Tom Roe. The palette on any given night can include live transmissions, ghosts from transmissions past, infectious groove textures, and walls of guitar-love.

Track listing
1. "Predator Drone"
2. "I Seizure SUV"
3. "Jersey City Deal"
4. "Bollywood Implant"
5. "Dr. F"
6. "Velveeta's Renegade"
7. "Terra Stompa"
8. "Judicial Fiat Anthem"
9. "Jenkins Clandestine"

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