Andy Kelleher Stuhl

Andy Stuhl Portrait Image

Andy Stuhl Portrait Image. Courtesy the artist. (Sep 01, 2021)

Andy Kelleher Stuhl is a media researcher, sound artist, and digital humanities practitioner. He is currently completing a dissertation, through the department of Art History and Communication Studies at McGill, on the cultural meaning of automation in radio’s industrial and artistic contexts from the 1950s into the 21st century. His writing has appeared in Sounding Out!, the Canadian Journal of Communication, Amodern, and the Velvet Light Trap.

Andy got his start in radio as a show host, live sound engineer, and training director at KZSU Stanford. More recently, he appeared as a guest contributor to the Musée des ondes Emile Berliner’s Radio100 programming on CKUT Montreal. Exploring the fraught interplay of automated technology and autonomous expression in radio, his ongoing research and artistic practice both aim to amplify ways that artists have used radio transmission as a means to critique the radio medium’s industrial structures—and also to connect these moments as important precedents for critical interventions into newer media like streaming platforms.