Voiceage (Audio)

Dec 22, 2021
Created by Julia Loktev (1990). Introduced by Andy Stuhl.

“Voiceage” was produced in 1990 by Julia Loktev, who would go on to become an internationally acclaimed filmmaker. At the turn of the nineties, though, Loktev was a student at McGill University and the host of a radio show called “Curiouser and Curiousear” on campus-community station CKUT. Loktev’s show gave her a platform to produce experimental audio productions that hovered between documentary and scripted work. For “Voiceage,” Loktev visited nursing homes around Montreal with a tape recorder. She cut, spliced, and manipulated these tapes along with music and other samples to shape a reflection on aging as a sonic process. Loktev later said of the piece, “I was interested in memory, music and how age wears on the voice – we talk about the face but rarely the voice – and there’s a little snippet in the piece that includes an older Bette Davis in dialogue with her younger self.” - Introduced by Wave Farm Radio Artist Fellow 2021/2022, Andy Stuhl.