Radio Deprogramming Workshop Audio (Short Version) (Audio)

Feb 28, 2022
Produced by Andy Stuhl.

In February 2022, Wave Farm’s Radio Deprogramming workshop convened a diverse, international group of media artists and radio practitioners around a proposition to critically examine and creatively invert the usual routines that structure the radio medium. Christof Migone’s Radio Naked provided a central inspiration for the workshop, which culminated with participants drafting short “deprogramming” prompts and then producing audio interpretations of each other’s prompts. This broadcast piece gathers all 29 of these short sound works and includes an introduction from Andy Stuhl, Wave Farm’s 2021-2022 Radio Artist Fellow. Workshop participants who also contributed audio include Michelle O’Connor, Ed Woodham, Melike Ceylan, Nicolas Montgermont, Stephen Bradley, Jin Zhu, Celeste Oram, Kirsten Chervinsky, Matthew Flores, Andrew Madey, Stacey Copeland, Ricardo Iamuuri Robinson, Sadie Couture, Melissa Sarris, Justin Maiman, and Russell Gendron.