Jonny Farrow

Cold Hand CD cover

Cold Hand CD cover. Devil (Jan 01, 2005)

NRFF B Radio Logo

NRFF B Radio Logo. Produced by Anna Friz, Jonny Farrow, Jeff Kolar, Peter Speer, and Stephen Germana. (Apr 16, 2014)

Distract and Disable Image

Distract and Disable Image. Glue Banta (aka Jonny Farrow) (Mar 19, 2011)

Musique acoustique, écologique et concrète

Musique acoustique, écologique et concrète. Jonny Farrow (Jan 01, 2004)

Giant Ear Image

Giant Ear Image.

Jonny Farrow is an artist/composer working with sound and video at the intersection of performance, installation, improvisation and composition. His projects are a blend of the analog and the digital; acoustic and electronic; object and process. In them he explores urban and natural soundscapes; human/animal relationships; the electromagnetic (specifically radio waves); sonic archives; and shadows and light. The various modes in which he works are intertwined, but the thread of listening and improvisation run throughout them all. These threads often generate a strong pull toward performance, as his projects are often about experiencing or creating an intensification of reality and/or an intervention into place whether it is projected or broadcast, imagined or real. He currently teaches music, culture, and sound art classes at various urban universities and is working on an MFA in Sound.