Brian Dewan

Brian Dewan is a visual artist and musician who is interested in storytelling and off-the-beaten-path histories. Born in Boston in 1963, he spent his childhood drawing pictures and playing the organ in Lexington Massachusetts where he made many collaborative cassette recordings with neighborhood friends. After studying art, organ, music composition and electronic music at Oberlin College he moved to Brooklyn NY where he built an electric zither to accompany the singing of original songs as well as collected folk material, and performed live at various nightclubs, galleries and museums in New York. His I-CAN-SEE filmstrips combine projected color illustrations with music and the voice of an authoritative narrator, and have been screened at the Whitney Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, the New Museum and the Museum Of Jurassic Technology. His published recordings include Tells The Story, The Operating Theater, Words Of Wisdom, Ringing At The Speed Of Prayer and Grange Future, and has published articles in Cabinet Magazine. He is represented by Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn and lives in Catskill, NY.