Jess Speer

Jess Speer is an artist, radio DJ, librarian, teacher, and mother living in Asheville, NC. As a librarian and artist, she explores questions about permanence, presence, history, mindfulness, mortality, and access to information and ideas. Speer has collected over 800 records, many of which include sound effects, field recordings, spoken word and documentary works, and mines this collection for both broadcast and live performances. By collecting records and making field recordings, she attempts to create an archive of sorts, to gather time, history and experience together. Performing with them, over broadcast and in live events, brings that history to life and shares it, while also embodying the ephemerality that’s at the heart of history, truth, nature, and human beings. She is the host of the weekly radio show (and sometimes performance) Ecstatic Listening on WSFM-LP AshevilleFM.