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Guest DJ: Groundswell Preview

Sep 12, 2014: 7pm - 9:30 pm
WGXC 90.7-FM: Radio for Open Ears

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A special preview of WGXC's event "Groundswell," held Sept. 13 from 2-6 p.m. at Olana State Historic Site. This show will include music and interviews from artists participating in the event. First, several songs from current Catwalk Institute (in Catskill) resident artist Bryan Zimmerman. With "Party Cove," a collaboration between The Dust Dive (with Laura Ortman) and Latitude/Longitude (with Michael Garofalo) opening, then The Dust Dive's "Cut The Day with a Steak Knife," and Laura Ortman's "Tree Tops" and "Waves Awake," and then two with Zimmerman singing with Dichroics ("Frebase the Febreeze" and "Lottery Rose"), and then The Dust Dive's "Screen Light Flu." Then tune in an interview with Zimmerman, Ortman, and Garofalo about their participation in "Groundswell." Then two more from The Dust Dive ("Claws of Light" and "Postcards From Real Worlds"), and a song from Latitude/Longitude ("Solar Filters"). Also, Marc Cohn's "Olana" song is featured, as is Simone Felice's "One More American Song," recorded in the bell tower at Olana. Plus interviews and songs from William Basinski, and Jane Carver, and also Steve Bull. And Max Goldfarb's "Entervision" which was featured in the first "Groundswell" in 2013, is included.