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Local headlines Friday, February 4, 2011

Feb 04, 2011 6:27 am
Teachers to get 5.5% raise over 4 years
The Daily Mail follows up on their story about the announcement of a new teachers pay deal in Catskill with details on how it breaks down over the coming years, in small increments reflective of the time it took to negotiate the deal.

A struggle to stay afloat
The Register-Star has a heartbreaking story and photo essay charting 52-year dairy farmer Hans Schober's decision to sell his 90-cow dairy herd and shift to beef cattle on his Austerlitz farm, a reaction to rising costs and stagnant prices in the dairy industry, which is increasingly dominated by large corporate farming.

Ulster justice finds ‘comfort’ in scammer’s house arrest, but serving civil papers proves difficult
The Daily Freeman has an update on the stories swirling around "sovereign" radical Richard Ulloa, who federal judge has forced into house arrest while wearing a monitoring bracelet for a mail fraud conviction based on false mortgage info and various threats. The new problem? Process servers are afraid of coming on to the man's property to serve papers related to several civil suits stemming from his threats. And the man's pulled out his phone and Internet services.

Barn collapse crushes at least 25 cows
The Times Union has a story about the weight of snow crushing a five year old metal and lumber barn onto 265 cows at about 6:30 p.m. on February 2, killing at least 25 of the herd and injuring double that many.

Esopus Creek is now clean, DEP says
The Watershed Post has a fresh look at the muddy waters that have been swirling about reactions to New York City promises to stop dumping muddy waters into Ulster County's Esopus Creek, which still appears headed to court...