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Greene County to feed the new high tech hubs?

Dec 13, 2010 12:00 pm
As goes the Capital District, so goes Greene... at least according to the county's Industrial Development Agency Sandy Mathes, who is quoted in a Mid Hudson News Network story today saying that companies are starting to inquire about the possibility of locating in Greene County as part of the supply chain for a high tech microchip manufacturing plant opening up in Saratoga County, and helping feed the remaining IBM plants further down the Hudson Valley.

“I’m hoping that our strategy of positioning Greene County as the location for the supply chain for the Global Foundry project being exactly in the middle between them to the north of us and then IBM in East Fishkill to the south seems to be bearing some fruit, so there's a lot of tire kicking going on and over the next three to six months, some real estate decisions are going to be made from that supply chain that we hope we can a little piece of,” Mathes said.

Global Foundries, established last year, has manufacturing centers in Germany, the United States and Singapore that "deliver advanced technologies to market in high volume and mature yield faster than any other foundry in the world" and has been setting up business "near the major hubs of semiconductor activity in the US, Europe and Asia." The company's Fab 8 development in Saratoga County is part of a $6B development commitment for the United States and is being touted by the company as "the largest commercial capital expansion project in the USA." The company is a spin-off of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), a Silicon Valley company that prides itself on being the second-largest global supplier of microprocessors and one of the largest supplier of graphics processing units in the world.