Saturday Night Special Jason Cady

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Dec 15, 2018: 10pm
WGXC 90.7-FM: Hands-on Radio

Standing Wave Radio

A special broadcast of two podcast/radio opera works by artist Jason Cady who composes music and writes stories for small-scale operas. Cady performs on pedal steel and modular synthesizer.

Tonight's radio broadcast features two new works. Buick City, 1:00 AM is a four-part opera that combines spoken dialogue, songs, and sound design. The story is about a women time-traveling back to 1984 to prevent the murder of her father, an auto-worker in Flint, Michigan. The second presentation is Cady's most recent one-act opera, Candy Corn, it is told in reverse chronology and is about a couple coming to terms with a loved one's suicide. Read more about Cady's work at

Saturday Night Special shows often vary by time, with short performances, and endurance efforts. Many styles, and sorts of shows, from talk to music, but mostly experimental sound. Live events occasionally are also broadcast, often from HiLo in Catskill.