Roots, Runners, Rhizomes Subscribe: Health and Healing from the Underground

Hosted by Sarah Falkner and Lauren Giambrone
4th Monday of the month from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Roots, Runners, Rhizomes: Health and Healing from the Underground, with Sarah Falkner and Lauren Giambrone, is dedicated to exploring healing and wellness from a liberatory perspective, critiquing top-down hierarchical systems and instead looking up and around from below and alongside -- the way roots and rhizomes grow! including interviews from a variety of practitioners of diverse modalities, community members with stories of healing and empowerment, do it yourself tips for seasonal wellness and more, this show embraces health from the perspective of the people.

Sarah Falkner is a licensed massage therapist at Sarah Falkner Healing Arts. Lauren Giambrone is a community herbalist and founder of Good Fight Herb Co.

Lauren Giambrone is a community herbalist, medicine maker and health justice organizer. In 2008, she apprenticed with 7Song at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine, and had the unique opportunity to intern at the Ithaca Free Clinic, where she engaged in the integration of alternative and conventional health care practices. Since then, Lauren has continued her training as an herbalist & medicine maker by assisting an acupuncturist & herbalist in clinical practice, organizing a community supported herbalism project, selling her products at farm markets and stores, and offering harm reduction services and nutrition & wellness counseling to homeless youth. She continues to offer herbal consultations and teach workshops within her community, and has recently founded a medicinal herb company, Good Fight Herb Co. For the past 5 years, Lauren has also been organizing with the Rock Dove Collective, a community health access network committed to making quality health care accessible to all. Lauren lives on a farm in Germantown, NY, with many wonderful plants, animals and housemates.

Sarah Falkner, LMT, is an interdisciplinary artist and has been a licensed bodywork practitioner since 1998; she is a graduate of the Swedish Institute as well as several apprenticeships and initiatory trainings from folk-healing practitioners. Falkner embraces the potential for healing practices to be dialectical liberation paths, encompassing both art and science, the personal and communal, and the embodied and the transpersonal. Her methodologies are grounded in both medical-scientific and artistic training, and informed by historical integrative practices which map the body, planet and cosmos in pluralist and interdependent ways, such as traditional European folk magic and herbalism, as well as a variety of contemporary syncretic spiritual systems including Tibetan-Nepali shamanism and Traditional Himalayan Medicine. Falkner is dedicated to making bodywork-based therapies an integral and accessible component of wellness for all, and towards that end happily participates in alternative economic strategies such as community clinics, barter and sliding-scale fees. She practices in both Brooklyn and Hudson, NY.