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Audio Buffet: Noise & The Megacity

Aug 22, 2019: 8pm - 9pm
Wave Farm Study Center + WGXC Acra Studio


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Rebroadcast from Aug. 20, 2019. It is impossible to describe a city without noise.. The very-human friction of lives lived alongside one another is unavoidable. John C. said, "wherever we are, what we hear is mostly noise. When we ignore it, it disturbs us..." We want to control it. The city, the control, the noise --here we are, taking a journey through it. Finishing his thought, John continued, "...when we listen to [noise], we find it fascinating."

Paulus van Horne (they/them/theirs) is a radio maker and noise researcher, living in Andes, NY. Their fascination with noise extends to the various power structures which which effect our attitudes towards "noise." Paulus was awarded a Watson Fellowship in 2017, to survey the qualities of and attitudes towards noise in 10 of the world's megacities. This particular transmission will include "noise" recordings from around South East Asia, Tokyo, Korea and Mexico inter-cut with interviews about sound and noise. Presented in the style of Tokyo's famous listening cafes.