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What's The Frequency, Kenneth?: Rush to Recess

Aug 06, 2022: 6am - 7am
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Hosted by Paul Fischer.

Host Paul Fischer used to work for Dan Rather (hence the title of the show), and now remixes the news each week with new music. This week: The Peoples Liberation Army Vs. Pelosi. Trump- backed Trumpers Vs. Pence backed Republicans in GOP primaries. Dems pushing for Trumper opponents to run against in November. Are Trump and Fox News consciously uncoupled? More missing/deleted texts: Homeland Vs. DOJ? Congress crunch time till August recess...The Chips Bill...The Build Back Better jr.( whip inflation now) Bill...The benefits bill for vets exposed to toxins from the burn pits at their bases... bills, bills, bills aimed at counteracting SCOTUS decisions on abortions and guns... an electoral count bill to prevent another attempt to overturn presidential election results.. DOJ files first lawsuit to block a state's anti abortion law ( Idaho) for violating federal laws protecting women and doctors' medical decisions. ( Told Through Narration, Music and Soundbites).

hese Boots Are Made For Walking (2018 Remaster) Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazelwood single. Reprise Rec 1966 02:40 Rebel Rouser Duane Eddy single. Jamie Rec 1958 02:51 You're No Good (2006 Remaster) Linda Rondstadt single. Capitol Rec 1973 03:42 Dreams (2004 Remaster) Fleetwood Mac Rumours. Warner Bros Rec 1977 04:18 Low World Order Fantastic Man Visions of Dance Vol 1. Superconscious Rec 2022 07:36 The Empty Room Lydia Windsor Brindamour Empty Spaces. Sawyer Editions Rec 2022 05:30 Rock Bottom Kevin Morby This Is A Photograph. Dead Oceans Rec 2022 02:41 Fast Times Joy Helder Spa. self released Joy Helder 2022 04:33 Signal Laura Veirs Found Light. Raven Marching Band Rec 2022 04:10 Fruits of Labor Party Dozen The Real Work. Temporary Residence Rec 2022 04:24 Toxic Foam Kode9 Escapology. Hyperdub Rec 2022 02:06 Keeper of The Time SG Goodman Teeth Marks. Verve Forecast Rec 2022 05:29 La Brume Felicia Atkinson Image Language. Shelter Press Rec 2022 05:38 With Eyes The Color of Time Anne Leilahua Lanzilotti/String Orchestra of Brooklyn The Bronze Doors. New Focus Rec 2022 03:19 Wound Up Tight Tallies Patina. Kanine Rec 2022 02:56 Additional Credits This program contains soundbites..including...opening montage/mix.mashup: Pelosi vs The PLA... Q and A...Pelosi is asked about going to Taiwan despite threats from China...excerpt warning from China Foreign Ministry...excerpt Biden...travel to Taiwan not a good idea...Pelosi says Biden/Pentagon worried China might shoot her plane down?...Q and A Blinken on Pelosi's travel plans....coverage fragment....Andrea Mitchell V/O of Pelosi landing in Taipei ( MSNBC)..Q and A Biden was asked recently if US will act if Taiwan is attacked by China..Q and A Jon Karl w/ Arizona House Speaker...being primaried by Trumper in GOP primary...and his prospects ( ABC This Week).. assorted primary night coverage fragments... The ethics of dems promoting the most extreme GOP candidates to run against in November...Pelosi/James Carville say it's how to win...Anti abortion advocates lose referendum aimed at removing abortion rights from the Kansas state constitution...fragments from MSNBC call and Emily Wales of Kansas Planned Parenthood... excerpt: Jan 6 deposition...Acting De Sec Chris Miller says Trump and W.H. Chief of Staff Mark Meadows are not telling the truth when they claim that thousands of national guard troops were ready to help at the Capitol...but Pelosi said No....Miller says he got no such offer/order from Trump...excerpt Liz Cheney on Fox News refuting disinformation spread on Fox News... Q and A Kevin McCarthy says he doesn't remember calling Cassidy Hutchinson on Jan 6 to complain about Trump possibly marching to The Capitol....Jan 6 comm member Adam Kinzinger says he doesn't believe McCarthy...he believes Hutchinson..( Face)... AG Merrick Garland Q and A..about investigating missing/deleted Secret Service/ and top Homeland Security officials text messages...Biden/Schumer/ and Manchin on the surprise revival of bill for climate change measures/ presciption drug price discounts.. tax hikes on rich and corporations...being billed as an inflation fighting bill....Manchin says so on Face/MTP/Fox/CNN SOTU....GOP Sens face ridicule (especially from Jon Stewart) for pulling support from bill to fund health care for vets suffering from toxic exposure to "burn pits"... excerpts Jon Stewart( MSNBC)...Ted Cruz v. Stewart (MTP)....Sen Toomey..(ABC This Week)...Stewart (MSNBC)...GOP relents..Senate passes burn pit bill ( nat snd Sen.)... Sen Amy Klobuchar explains bipartisan bill to tighten up Electoral Count rules..to prevent things like "fake electors" or claims The Veep can change the count).. Rep Allred D Tx...why House dems think the bill doesn't go far enough... excerpts AG Merrick Garland/ Assoc AG Vanita Gupta announce first lawsuit to block a state anti-abortion law (Idaho) for violating federal protections for women and medical decisions...from C Span...media and political websites..for illustrative analysis and commentary purposes.