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Nothing to See Here (2017 edition): 08 Topsy's Revenge

Aug 19, 2017: 1am - 2am
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Produced by David Clark at NSCAD University in Halifax, Canada.

Nothing to See Here is a program of experimental spoken word and sonic experiments produced by David Clark at NSCAD University in Halifax, Canada. This episode revolves around the story of Topsy the Elephant who was electrocuted by Thomas Edison at Dreamland at Coney Island and drifts into philosophical ideas about sleep, dreams, and death.

Voices: David Clark, Mark Hines, Raf MacDonald, Tallis Clark Excerpts from: Jim Morrison, John Haskell, David Albert. Texts quoted: Alphonso Lingis, Graham Harman, Jean Luc Nancy Music sampled: Popol Vuh, Eve Egoyan, Martin Barlett, Valgeir Sigurdsson, Elizabeth Wheeler & Henry Anthony Sound Design by David Clark