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Radia: Steven Warwick

Nov 08, 2015: 5:05 am - 5:35 am
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Radia Show 553: "DIYChurch @ Kinderhook & Caracas AUGUST 4 Conference of Gnomes 2012 & Two poems read by Steven Warwick Posted on 2015/11/02 by reboot.fm warwickweb4ALT Sicherheitsdienst im Auftrag der BVG – Steven Warwick. was an exhibition in August 2012 @ Kinderhook & Caracas Berlin. In this recording you will hear excerpt from the Conference of the Gnomes 2012, Kleingarten Anlage Treue Seele about security with v.FF – White People Scrap Metal, JanJan1, F. Knight / Cavaliere, Farfour, The German Voice of David Hasselhoff. V.FF were squatting the Kleingartenanlage for that summer and started to turn it into a meeting point for all the lost true souls. A year after the city started building the new highway there. Source kleingartenanlage treue seele , Run time 29min Notes Listen to our adventures every monday on Reboot.fm from 7 – 9 pm ((CEsT / GMT+1)). A special guest per session/interviews in the wild Berlin landscape// terrible and delicious music and sounds////live sessions, and juicy turntable tunes. more infos to this show can be found here: Kinderhook & Caracas Steven Warwick JanJan1 Francesco Cavaliere Farfour v.FF DIYChurch: http://www.diychurch.org/ http://reboot.fm Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Topics DIYChurch, Radio23, Room111, Steven Warwick, Kinderhook & Caracas, Berlin, Sicherheit, BVG, Yorckstrasse, JanJan1, Security, Frank O’Hara, Richard Brautigan, v.FF, JanJan1, F. Knight / Cavaliere, Farfour,The German Voice of David Hasselhoff, Beat, Poet, Conference of the Gnomes 201