WGXC-90.7 FM

Audio Buffet: The All Is One

Jun 13, 2020: 10pm - 11:59 pm

Produced by many contributors.

At the beginning of march 2020 a group of artists that have been participating to the project Rava vavàra got engaged in a collective project to face the covid-19 contagion.  At the basis of the process of creation of this soundwork lays the will of extending practices and connections between artists that are located in different places and belong to different art domains and traditions.

The possibility of producing a collective work that is more than the simple matching of individual artworks is at the core of the experiment as well as the idea that a number of authors contributing to a single artwork gives birth to something different that the sum of the individual contributions..

The all is one has been broadcasted so far on Archipel Community Radio in Berlin (Germany), Radio Quarantine - the Indian Sonic Research Organisation in Bangalore (India), ∏node Radio in Paris (France), Radio Corax in Halle (Germany), Radio Orange in Wien (Austria), Radio Raheem in Milano (Italy), Radio Onda Rossa in Rome (Italy), Kunstradio Ö1 in Austria,

Rava vavàra is an experimental radio broadcast gathering sound artworks of various kinds including performance, audio installation, poetry, context-specific experiments and other. Since 2018, Rava vavàra has been broadcasting sound pieces and radio artworks through the frequencies of Radio Onda Rossa in Rome (Italy), Radio Corax in Halle (Germany), Radio Raheem in Milan (Italy) and Archipel Community Radio in Berlin (Germany). So far, changing locations and coproducers has made sure that the broadcast retains the perspective of conceptual and media openness and thus avoids rigidity. Learn more at ravavavara.art