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Saturday Afternoon Show: Marc Matter, Gregory Whitehead

Mar 04, 2017: 4pm - 6pm
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Hosted by Tom Roe.

Marc Matter is a sound-artist and researcher, former member of artists-group Institut fuer Feinmotorik, studied at Art Academy for Media Arts in Cologne with Valie Export and Siegfried Zielinksi. He is assistant-professor for Music&Text at the Institute for Music and Media (Düsseldorf) and used to curate dozens of events at Düsseldorf’s salon-des-amateurs venue, as well as an exhibition about Henri Chopin and the OU review in Basel (ch) in 2013, and the international festival for text-sound-poetry at ISSUE project room in Brooklyn in 2015. Together with Swantje Lichtenstein, artistic direction of cOsmOsmOse festival for text-sound-poetry, which is about to publish recordings of contemporary text-sound-artists under the name ’sound writings' from 2017 on. Since 2010 also working solo producing text-sound-poetry by means of experimental turntablist manipulations of voice- and speech sounds, searching for speech-effects and semantic collisions. A mangled sound of language which is executed in live-performances, on recordings (chocolate monk, tanuki) and radio-broadcasts (german WDR and SWR ars acustica programs). Collaborations with several artists, i.e. poet Dagmara Kraus, performance-artist Veridiana Zurita, visual artists Haseeb Ahmed and Tris Vonna-Michell, sound-artist Tom White. Lives in the black forrest (ger).

Gregory Whitehead is the award-winning writer, director and producer of more than one hundred radio plays, essays and acoustic adventures for the BBC, Radio France, Australia's ABC, NPR and other broadcasters. He is a frequent performer in literary cabarets and mixed media theatre events, as well as a featured guest speaker at conferences and audio festivals throughout the U.S. and Europe. Whitehead is the co-editor of the influential anthology of writings on the history of radio and audio art, Wireless Imagination: sound radio and the avant-garde, and the author of numerous essays that explore the politics and paradoxes of radiophonic space, as well as the diverse absurdities of the moment.

Saturday afternoons on WGXC feature Wave Farm Artists-in-Residence, and special guests, who are interviewed on-air, present past and future projects, as well as perform live. For more information on the Wave Farm Residency Program, visit transmissionarts.org/residencies