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WGXC Afternoon Show: Food Segment, Pablo Diserens' "Upstream Ensemble" for Radio Amnion

Sep 29, 2023: 4pm - 6pm
WGXC 90.7-FM: Radio for Open Ears

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During the 4 p.m. hour, WGXC premieres the pilot of Food Segment. In this segment, Tepper travels to two restaurants on opposite ends of the Hudson River in search of salad for lunch. At The Salad Bar in Catskill and Mi Rancho Alegre in Hudson, Tepper's salad experiences are analyzed and documented, posing questions about the nature of salad itself.

In the 5 p.m. hour, we are pleased to present Pablo Diserens' "Upstream Ensemble," created with the ocean comm/uni/ty, the most recent composition for Radio Amnion: Sonic Transmissions of Care in Oceanic Space, which is a multi-year sound art project for the waters of Earth, organized by artist Jol Thoms.

Pablo (Rana) Diserens (they/she) is a field recordist, musician, filmmaker, and artist devoted to attentive listening, non-human realities, and possible forms of interspecies coexistence. Rooted in ecological engagement and site-specificity, they investigate gestures of presence through a weaving of sound, images and texts.

As part of their digital residency with TBA21’s Ocean-Archive, Pablo Diserens invited members of the ocean comm/uni/ty (and external enthusiasts) to venture in the world and record aqueous sonic encounters. The aim of this collective liquid attuning was to gather sound recordings from various wet ecologies while stimulating listening and field recording gestures regardless of any previous experience.

Recordings from 35 contributors were woven into the long-form sound composition Upstream Ensemble which navigates between the multiplicity of the water cycle as a sounding body. The work moves upstream through oceans, rivers, pipe networks, ponds, and glaciers while investigating the continuous flow of water and the environments that surround it. Here, the world’s aqueous fauna, flora, geologies, and technologies mingle into a synchronized motion that documents the sonic articulations of these wet zones.

Suggested listening with Headphones as the piece features a large range of frequencies (notably blue whales' subsonic calls).

Concept: Pablo Diserens and Fiona Middleton. Composition and mixing: Pablo Diserens. Sound contributions by: Alëna Korolëva, Alexandros Maragkoudakis, Bence Kovács-Vajda, Christopher Dean, Cyane Findji, Damian Pace, Elise Rigot, Eliza Collin, Fiona Middleton, Francesco Previtali, Ilù Seydoux, Irene Mansoldo, Isabel Val, Jakob Köchert, Jean-Baptiste Goeffroy, Joana Moher, Katy Lewis Hood, Kosmas Phan Dinh, Kseniya Lushnikova, Leo Maassen, Ludwig Berger, Mat Eric Hart, Mathias Arrignon, Matty Yeomans, Mélia Roger, Moritz Zeisner, Nikos Sotirelis, Nina Blume, Ocean Networks Canada, Pablo Diserens, Sem Zeeman, Slavek Kwi, Surrealich, Thibault Noirot, Varoujan Cheterian.

Radio Amnion commissions and relays new compositions by contemporary artists more than 2kms deep with/in the Pacific Ocean. During each full moon, far beyond human perception, the abyssal waters of Cascadia Basin resonate with the deep frequencies and voices of invited artists. All transmissions are relayed in the sea through a submerged neutrino telescope experiment’s calibration system and available at radioamnion.net during the three days of each full moon. Beginning February 2023, Wave Farm Radio and WGXC 90.7-FM: Radio for Open Ears will also broadcast each new composition.

Radio Amnion was initiated by artist and researcher Jol Thoms in 2019, submerged into the Ocean in 2020, and came to operation in June of 2021—all due to a remarkable invitation from Prof. Elisa Resconi of the SFB1258. Radio Amnion is a partnership with the SFB1258 Neutrino and Dark Matter Group at the Technical University of Munich and in collaboration with Ocean Networks Canada at University of Victoria, British Columbia, CA.

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