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Deciding Mind: The Deciding Mind: Paul Glimcher

Jan 15, 2012: 11am - 12pm
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Hosted by Shelly Menolascino, MD and Mitchell Belgin

Our first interview for 2012 is with Dr. Paul Glimcher, a leading figure in the new discipline NeuroEconomics. Dr. Glimcher is a Professor of Neural Science, Economics, and Psychology at NYU, director of the Glimcher Lab, as well as director of the NYU Center for NeuroEconomics, a novel inter-disciplinary department at NYU. Dr. Glimcher received the first Ph.D. degree in this new field of Neuroscience approximately 20 years ago. Combining the fields of biology, mathematics, psychology, economics, and neuroscience, Dr. Glimcher’s career attempts to advance the study of the brain and choice, particularly in how we, animals and ultimately humans, promote our well being through the choices that are made. Please join us for a fascinating discussion with Dr. Glimcher, who will help explain what is being studied in this new field of NeuroEconomics and what the future of this discipline will look like.