WGXC-90.7 FM

Barnstormer Radio

Hosted by Gabe Schaftlein
Barnstormer Radio is a themed show showcasing the showmanship shown in a showy variety of songs centered around a particular topic rather than a genre of music.

Gabe Schaftlein is the programmer of Barnstormer Radio. He has been a devoted music fan since getting his first cassettes of 1984 and Purple Rain as a youth. After then being introduced to Laurie Anderson and Minor Threat, he began to suspect the world of music was a deeper chasm of fascination and fun than he had ever imagined. A lifetime of exploration of soulful music that just has that je ne c’est pas has ensued. Making cassette mix tapes for friends way back when was basically like making a private radio show for a station that you wished existed. Gabe would like to thank WGXC for the opportunity to make an actual radio show.