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WGXC Live: WGXC Awards

Feb 26, 2021: 7pm - 9pm

WGXC 10th Anniversary Pledge Drive, with the 2020 Programmer Awards Show. Tune in as WGXC programmers celebrate ten years on the air with special live performances, and WGXC awards for radio. Carmen Borgia will perform a song on ukulele, and Tony Fallon will read an original poem about WGXC, among the special features during this show. Vern Cross and others from the Wednesday "Drive Time" edition of the "WGXC Afternoon Show," CeCe Graham and Tom DePietro of the Thursday "WGXC Afternoon Show," and Anya Kanevskaya and Amanda Lees of "Donna and Honey's Love Motel" are among the hosts of the WGXC Awards.

The WGXC Awards
Name your favorite WGXC music or sound show broadcast live or locally produced.
Name your favorite WGXC cultural or public affairs show that is broadcast live or locally produced.

Name your favorite WGXC morning or afternoon show.

Name the most creative show presented on WGXC.

Name the show on WGXC that you never miss.

Name the WGXC host you would most like to hang out with.

Name the most remarkable on-air moment you heard on WGXC in 2020.

Who is your favorite music programmer on WGXC?

Who is your favorite interviewer on WGXC?

Name the most unpredictable host on WGXC.

Name the show or host no longer on the air that you miss.

What is your second favorite local radio station?

Who is your favorite radio DJ, or radio host on another local radio station?

What was your favorite album released by a local artist in 2020? (Vote for one)
Ross Goldstein, "Timoka"
The Magnetic Fields, "Quickies"
Elvis Perkins, "Creation Myths"
Amy Rigby and Wreckless Eric, "Vote the Fucker Out" single
Sky Furrows, "Sky Furrows"

Name the person or organization that, in your opinion, did the most to help/serve the local community during the pandemic.