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Free walk through the Park

Dec 08, 2011 4:52 pm

Central Park (Listen to the Light) - A New Location Aware Album by BLUEBRAIN from BLUEBRAIN on Vimeo.

James C. McKinley writes in The New York Times about Washington D.C.-based musicians Bluebrain, who released a soundtrack to a walk through Central Park as a free app for iPhone and Ipad users. The project, "Central Park: Listen to the Light," uses a global-positioning network to activate different themes as the listener wanders through the park. The app contains more than 400 tracks, each tied to a location. The brothers Ryan and Hays Holladay make up the band. They collaborated with Brooklyn based software developer Brian Feldman to create their first site specific composition for the National Mall in DC. Feldman wrote the new software engine, Sscape, for the application. To use the program, the composers establish map coordinates for each track, and those tracks are set off as the listener approaches. Read the full story in The New York Times.