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Catskill Village passes Brine Prohibition Act

Sep 12, 2013 7:00 am
[caption id="" align="alignright" width="337"] Dumping waste water on a public road in West Virginia.
(Wetzel County Action Group photo)[/caption]

The Catskill Village Board made history Wed., Sept. 11, with passage of the "Brine Prohibition Act." The local law will prohibit the use of production brine, or flowback fluids produced from the hydro-fracking process within the village. It is the first law of its kind in Greene and Columbia counties. Approximately 20 people, including members of the Greene Renewable Energy and Environmental Network, or GREEN, witnessed the board's action at the Washington Irving Senior Center. Board member and Greene County Legislator Joe Kozloski made the motion; board member Jim Chewens seconded, and the full board voted unanimously in favor of the new law. [PLAY passage of the Brine Prohibition Act (2:21).] Brine is generated as a result of drilling for gas or oil, and contains a variety of hazardous chemicals in addition to substances picked up from deep within the earth, such as heavy metals and radioactive materials. The new law prohibits "the introduction of natural gas and/or oil production byproducts into any wastewater treatment facility within, or operated by the Village of Catskill. Also prohibited is the application of natural gas and/or oil production byproducts on any Village-owned road or Village-owned property, whether as a de-icing substance, dust suppressant, or for any other purpose." ED. NOTE: Sebren is a founding member of GREEN.

-- Sam Sebren