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Christian group comes to Cairo to fix houses

Jul 12, 2011 3:19 pm
WGXC's Joan Geitz has an interview with the volunteers of Reach Workcamps, a Christian organization based in Colorado that works with teens from around the country to rehabilitate older houses, and is working in the Cairo-Durham school district this week. “I really think this model works,” said Mike Jones, Reach’s co-founder and the workcamp director, in an interview with Doron Tyler Antrim in The Daily Mail. “I picture service never going out of style.” The group is staying at the Cairo-Durham high school, and is working on homes in Acra, South Cairo, East Durham and Cornwallville. Each teen camper in the group pays $399 to paint, add or patch drywall and roofs, and building steps, porches, and wheelchair ramps. See The Daily Mail story for more details, and listen to the 15-minute mp3 audio recording of Geitz's interview with the group here.