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Radio News: More reactions to Apple vs. FBI hack

Mar 29, 2016 10:00 pm
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More reactions to the Justice Department's decision to drop its lawsuit with Apple over breaking into an iPhone belonging to one of the alleged San Bernardino shooters, after they found a way to hack it themselves. The FBI, several observers note, still want Apple to unlock other iPhones of other alleged criminals. Here are a few reactions:

• Alex Abdo, staff attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union, said, “This case was never about just one phone. It was about an unprecedented power-grab by the government that was a threat to everyone’s security and privacy. Unfortunately, this news appears to be just a delay of an inevitable fight over whether the FBI can force Apple to undermine the security of its own products. We would all be more secure if the government ended this reckless effort.”

The New York Times wrote, "Yet law enforcement’s ability to unlock an iPhone through an alternative method raises new questions, including about the strength of Apple’s security on its devices."

• The Electronic Frontier Foundation wrote, "This new method of accessing the phone raises questions about the government’s apparent use of security vulnerabilities in iOS and whether it will inform Apple about these vulnerabilities. As a panel of experts hand-picked by the White House recognized, any decision to withhold a security vulnerability for intelligence or law enforcement purposes leaves ordinary users at risk from malicious third parties who also may use the vulnerability."