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Coeymans considers banning landfills

Feb 18, 2015 12:03 am
Bryan Rowzee in the Ravena News-Herald reports that Coeymans town officials are considering a ban on landfills. Town officials are attempting to move current maps online, so Rowzee notes the discussion at a Feb. 9 meeting began with some in confusion. Memories of the 1990s where clear at the meeting, though, when, the Coeymans Town Council blocked a proposal that would have created a landfill for the City of Albany within Coeymans' boundaries. Resident Rick Touchette, a former Coeymans councilman, asked, “Would the law you propose eliminate the prohibition of importing solid waste?” “In effect yes, and it would stop landfills,” answered Larry Conrad, the code enforcement officer for Coeymans. “I think we are trying to allow recycling in every aspect of the word, but not allow garbage and demolition debris to be buried in the town." Read the full story in the Ravena News-Herald.