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Delgado talks dairy in Delaware County

Mar 29, 2022 1:23 pm

Phoebe Taylor-Vuolo reports for PBS station WSKG that Rep. Antonio Delgado visited a Delaware County dairy farm last week. At Clark Farms Creamery near Delhi, fifth generation dairy farmer Kyle Clark said supply chain issues have raised his operating costs. “The price of milk’s definitely improved, especially in the last couple months. But relative to the increase in input costs, and even the availability of a lot of those things… it’s not keeping up,” Clark said. Delgado said he is working to create more demand for milk. “Making sure that our milk can go to our schools, milk can go to our hospitals, milk can go to our community centers. Wherever there’s more localized opportunities to grow and build from, that should be the focus,” Delgado said. The Congressperson Delgado has cosponsored legislation to provide whole milk in schools instead of one percent and fat-free milk, and also wants New York City to keep serving chocolate milk to students. Delgado, though, does not comment in the story about whether farm workers should get paid overtime the same way grocery store and other workers are paid, when they exceed 40 hours a week. The Farm Bureau opposes farm workers getting overtime at 40 hours. Read more about this story at the WSKG website.