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Gibson hedges on Tea Party Caucus

Jul 27, 2010 5:12 pm
From the Post-Star's politics blog:
Republican congressional candidate Chris Gibson would not say, on Friday, whether he would join the newly Tea Party Caucus if he is elected to the House of Representatives. The following is a transcript of the segment of the telephone interview in which the topic was discussed
Q: And there has also been talk in Washington that some of the Republican legislators are forming a Tea Party Caucus. If you are elected do you plan to join that caucus when you go to Washington?

A: “As I’ve said all along, our campaign is attracting support from Republicans. Conservatives, independents, Independence Party members, tea party movement followers and Democrats looking for a better way.”

Q: So would you plan to join that new Tea Party Caucus if you are elected in November?

A: “Again, what I am saying is that our campaign represents a very populous movement within the 20th District and we’re drawing support from across the political spectrum. And what I plan to do is go to Washington and represent this movement that wants to grow the private sector and to balance the budget through reducing federal spending.”
Gibson, on Saturday, issued the following response in clarification:
“Maury, your post misses my main point, please allow me to clarify. It is my aim to go to the Congress to provide leadership. I am interested in helping form a broader American Caucus comprised of Republicans, Conservatives, independents, Independence Party members, Tea Party movement followers, and Democrats looking for a better way. I want to help grow the private sector economy, balance the budget by reducing federal spending and protect our freedoms – all ideas that should transcend party lines. We welcome everyone interested in pursuing these goals ranging from Tea Party movement to Blue Dog Democrat Caucuses. The central point is that I want to go well beyond ‘joining and following’ to bringing leadership to the Congress on my first day to help unite Americans to restore our republic.”
Gibson, a retired Army colonel from Kinderhook, in Columbia County, is challenging incumbent U.S. Rep. Scott Murphy, D-Glens Falls. Read the entire story in the Post-Star.

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