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The groundhog says...

Feb 02, 2011 10:21 am

Groundhog Day and down in Pennsylvania, the officials of the officially officious Punxsutawney Groundhog Club have announced that Spring will come early this year. On WGXC, we are celebrating this auspicious day with some of the Groundhog Carols originated by Radio Cartoon creator Gus Murphy.

To hear two of the carols sung by WGXC's Dharma Dailey and partner Brian Gunter, click Groundhog's Day - (to Jingle Bells) or Groundhog's Day - Wise Ground Hog. To sing along, here are a few gems...

Moment of Truth
(to be sung o the tune of Joy to the World)

Moment of truth,
The Groundhog wakes
And leaves his winter home.

But there it is!
Upon the snow!

Retreat in trembling fear,
Retreat in trembling fear,
Retreat, retreat
In trembling fear.

Groundhog or Woodchuck Matters Not
(to the tune of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen)

Groundhog or Woodchuck matters not,
You still know what to say
When February comes to pass
Unto the second day,
You leap from out your groundhog hole
A message to relay,

O-oh herald a beauteous spring,
Beauteous spring,
O-oh herald a beauteous spring.

Groundhog's Day Is Coming Around
(to the tune of Santa Claus is Coming to Town)

He doesn't take cash,
He does it for free,
He does it for us, his shadow and he.
Groundhog's Day is coming around.

He's taking a pulse,
He's checking a trend,
He's figuring out when winter will end.
Groundhog's Day is coming around.

He doesn't get a medal,
Not even a bouquet,
Photographers get every cent
And they just get in the way.

But... he never complains,
He never betrays,
The least we can do is offer him praise.
Groundhog's Day is coming around!

That Is His Hole
(to the tune of Silent Night)

That is his hole.
He's in his hole.
The Groundhog lives
In a hole.

Early Springtime
Or six winter weeks?
Study his squeaks.

How on earth does he know-o?
How on earth does he know?

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