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Glenn Beck makes announcement... in Albany

Apr 18, 2011 9:08 am

Controversial television personality Glenn Beck announced at the Palace Theater in Albany this past Saturday night, April 16, that he was selling his Connecticut home and moving out of the New York metro area. According to Wire Update, Beck also said there were Pro-Glenn Protesters outside the theater today. The Fox News host will be leaving the network in the coming weeks and has said he will be then setting up his own "media empire." According to the report on Saturday's performance, Beck noted that “I don’t know where [Obama is from] I don’t think he’s from where they issue birth certificates – I think he’s from Hell.” He then assumed what he described as a Satan voice and said, “Put your little hooves on this paper” referring to Barack Obama’s birth certificate. He said his political choices for the 2012 presidential elections were Allen West as President and Michelle Bachmann as VP. He would like to see Ron Paul as Secretary of Treasury. "The last thing I will be doing, I will be leaving New York City," the report quotes him saying. "As we build a new media I’m not building it in New York."