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Greene County last in broadband access

Mar 04, 2015 12:02 am
Julia Reischel in The Watershed Post reports that David Salway, the director of the New York State Broadband Program office, spoke about rural broadband at the Roxbury Motel in Delaware County on Feb. 25. Greene County, for instance, has the worst broadband access in the entire state, according to statistics released by the governor’s office, and Andrew Cuomo is hoping to change that. “We’re talking about very high speed internet access by 2019,“ Salway said. “We want to connect every business premise and every residence. It’s not just about people in their homes running Netflix videos; it’s about the business, the economic opportunities as well. Health care, telemedicine, school access.” At the Roxbury Hotel, there is no high-speed yet. “We can’t market ourselves as a cutting-edge hotel when the bandwidth often gets maxed out,” owner Greg Henderson said. “People have no patience for internet outages. And it’s always our fault. Having enough bandwidth to accommodate all of our guests at once would be an absolute godsend.” Read the full story in The Watershed Post.